How to quickly represent complex information in the report?

The main objective in the report design is to present data in any form that is understandable to the user. For example, the data in the report may be represented as a simple list, hierarchically, or can be broken into groups etc.
 Moreover, it may be the same data but in different representations. One of the best ways of presenting data is their visualization. In today’s world, a human perceives through sight about 85 percent of the information.
 The data visualization means displaying data using report infographic tools.
 For example, an ad of your online store in Google see about one million people per hour, 10,000 people click on it, 800 people spend more than one minute on your website, 350 visit several pages, 75 order your product, 29 pay the order and 2 people return to the website to make the purchase again.
 To present this information and make an analysis of these data will be easier if it is displayed using Sales Funnel.
 To display a specific value, you can use Indicators.
 To provide information on a geographic basis, you’d better use Maps.

Using infographic tools, combining them you can create unique and eye-catching reports.

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