Take a way from networking event as young UX designer

I learned so many things from a networking event that I went at San Francisco for start-ups and fashion. I did not know what to expect or neither do I know what to bring. I did not prepare for the event too. Since I become a UX designer, I understand about my need to go outside and get myself ready for the meeting with people, show them my portfolio, and also network with individuals in the industry for opening opportunities. But still, I was hesitant to go alone to network events as I have always been showing up with some friends in such events. However, it turned out to be an enjoyable thing to do alone. I also realized the number of time I have used my friends as shields to meet with people when I need to go up and introduce myself to open the conversation for opportunities. I was not the only one who is looking for opportunities. I met so many people with different background who are looking for various opportunities. I listed a few things of what I should prepare before I go to the next event.

Here is my take away….

— Once you are entering into the event, find the comfortable place to sit or stand.

— Grab a drink, so you hand is not so empty. OH don’t forget to charge your phone before you go to event, in case you can play with your phone and make you look bit busier (optional)

— Make eye contact

— Join the conversation, Don’t be nervous.
Most of the time if you see three people are having a conversation, two people might be engaging, but another one more likely to listen to other two. There is your chance!

— (politely smile) introduce yourself with the firm handshake(not so firm) 

— Your name.

— what you are doing.Don’t forget to give a chance to another person to introduce you!

— Where are you from,(if you are new to the town).

— How you become a such and such (your profession). Some events have DJ.

— Talk a bit louder but not too much! Eventually, you’ll lose your voice.

— A business card is so important because you don’t want to bring your big piece of paper (resume) This is not a job fair! I heard “moo.com” is great business card company.

— Get ready to give Startups Pitch for a few minutes (some event do).

— Don’t go up and talk like a robot. It’s boring! Talk naturally and joke and grab attention from the audience.

— You’ll eventually need a natural way to exit a conversation. A good rule of thumb is to talk for five to ten minutes.

— The time comes when you’re ready to peruse the rest of the event. Say a polite goodbye and to plan follow-up date if you need to.

— When someone you’ve met seems like a valuable contact, make sure you exchange information before you part.

— Some place does not always have internet connection since no internet you can’t find them or send them on LinkInd, Facebook, and Email but you can open your note on the smartphone and put the info for later when you get the connection.

Networking isn’t always going to be smooth but Try your best!

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