The way I see the UX.

I found myself in future career path is full of excitement for someone who is curious about everything; I believe everyday we do things are all about UX process if you take a look at closely. Since I become a UX designer, I put myself as a user, and I can define things around are the product. Most of us have needs and struggle in everyday life, and we always try to fulfill our needs, struggles and fights using the different process and approach from our past experiences to have the best result as we can but we never reach perfect. We can only get better because we are solving the different problem for the different day. The reason why we have the different model of cars, different version of Window and iOS systems and other product everyday to achieve our needs, problems, and tasks. No one wants to use window 98 today because it sucks and not a useful anymore in 2016! But it was very modern and useful back in 1998. My point is never stop solving, why? I believe this is our excitement and our goal as a UX designer.

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