Highlights from our first whitepaper sensemaking webinar

What will it take for leaders to realize we’re at an inflection point? How will organizations build the muscles to deal with the mounting challenges and complexity of the shifts ahead? These are some of the questions put forward to our amazing panelists in the first webinar in a new sensemaking series, exploring key themes of our new whitepaper in depth.

If you’re interested in organizational development, you’ll surely enjoy this webinar. On December 18th, we kicked off our sensemaking webinar series that is part of our new whitepaper release: New Foundations of Platform-Ecosystem Thinking — Designing products and organizations…

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Since we ran our inaugural Climate Narrative Circle, we’ve had some time to take stock and think about what’s next.

In mid-August, Denise and I met up in Paris, outdoors at a cafe in the elegant gardens of the Palais Royal. We spent the first hour or so pondering on where we are at: emotionally, mentally, and physically. Nothing seemed to be quite the same, nor have the same meaning or significance, compared to when we started our initial journey with the Climate Narrative Circles. Then, we had then observed climate narratives seemed to be “stuck”. …


Research Update #7

by Stina Heikkilä and Simone Cicero

“Where are we?” — Eric Weinstein kept coming back to this question in his conversation with Balaji Srinivasan on The Portal podcast episode the Heretic and the Virus in late May 2020, as Srinivasan’s early predictions of Covid-19 impacts started to unfold worldwide.

No doubt, the complexity of the world is becoming increasingly visible, and while the bottom line trends may not have changed per se people are becoming more and more acutely aware of the situation. We’re witnessing, following our often quoted Indy Johar’s words, a “democratization of the small world…

Reflections from our sense-making session

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It’s been almost one month since we organised our first large scale online sense-making experiment: The Future of Platform-Ecosystems Thinking. Coming back from the frenzy of event organization, watching the event recordings and catching up on all the contributions coming from across our community and wider ecosystem was a delightful experience. One of the first things that struck me when re-watching the session was the sense of connectedness and community: among the almost 200 connected participants, people greeted each other from across…

Special Whitepaper Research Update

Watch the plenary sessions from our sense-making event on 23 July and catch up on the background readings and podcasts that provided the framing of the event

Watch the full playlist:

As part of our Whitepaper research, we’ve been launching a collaborative research experiment, inviting people from our community and wider ecosystem to regular sense-making session, where we’ve been learning-by-doing what an emerging collective sense-making practice may look like. Catch up on the Whitepaper community calls organised here.

We’ve also had the chance to interview amazing thought leaders in our Boundaryless Conversations Podcast — another new media outlet this year in the Boundaryless universe.

On 23 July, we reached a key milestone of our research. …


Research Update #4

The collaborative research process that we put in motion with the Whitepaper is an experiment in collective sense-making and leveraging collective intelligence; it certainly is something that we learn together with the community as we go. Since we launched the process — with monthly sense-making calls and asynchronous exchanges through the dedicated Discord channel — community members have shared their thoughts and insights along with suggestions of key topics to explore further.

In this research update, we place the inquiry of what spaces for collective intelligence may look like into the broader picture of how society is moving from an…


Building collective intelligence practice

This post is dedicated to the ongoing experiment launched together with our Whitepaper research: building a collaborative research and collective sense-making practice through our monthly community calls. Here we post the most recent videos, agendas and harvesting notes, helping to keep track and to catch up on previous sessions. We always start with the latest session.

Latest Whitepaper Community Sense-Making Call: 3 July, 1–3 PM (CEST)

Watch the latest sense-making call from 3 July:

This is the last session before the BIG sense-making event on 23 July: The Future of Platform-Ecosystem Thinking, where we will be joined by many special guests from previous podcast episodes. …

Key steps to a new Ecology of Platforms

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A few weeks ago, on February the 25th, we had the pleasure to co-host a community webinar with David Munir Nabti and Bilal Ghalib from Pitchworthy called New Business Models for a New World of Business.

The webinar is part of Pitchworthy’s ASFARI challenge for social innovation supporting entrepreneurs — many of whom live in conflict or post-conflict zones in the Middle-east and North Africa — to access education opportunities related to entrepreneurship and lifelong learning.

During the webinar, we zoomed…

Three questions for the co-founders of Pitchworthy

Meet them in our next Webinar on the 25th of February 2020, 6.20 PM — 8.20 PM (CET) !

Add the event to your calendar by clicking here

In our next Webinar — Platform design: new business models for a new world of business — we will cross the topics of platform-ecosystem design and inclusive economies, digging into the emerging context of enterprising, human development and the definition of value in business models that promote human and planetary regeneration. We will do this together with the co-founders of Pitchworthy — David Munir Nabti and Bilal Ghalib — who run online and hybrid entrepreneurship programs to make high-quality pre-accelerator, accelerator, and mentorship programs available to everyone, everywhere. …

A public policy reader of platform design — Part I

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The Post in Brief

  • Governments are no longer at the center of ecosystems. They will need to change their attitude towards a deep listening, to move the policy-making into ecosystems again;
  • Moving policy-making into the ecosystem requires drastically and boldly re-thinking the role of governments and public institutions, letting go of control and aging protocols and tools. Probably, we’ll need to re-invent institutions;
  • Institutions need to understand that reductionism doesn’t work. Every decision taken, should consider all the liabilities and externalities. As an example…

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