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I’m going to go straight to the point. This will be a love letter.

Maybe I’m not that hard to seduce when it comes to a JavaScript conference held in Iceland. I love Iceland, can’t get enough of it. I have a whole Pinterest board of only pictures of lava fields in Iceland.

So I was already on a positive note when I arrived. But can I just say how much I felt like this was a surrounding where I was going to feel good when they started the intro by reaffirming how important the code of conduct was. …

There are many systems and algorithms that can help you find the candidate key of a particular relation. What these don’t tell you is how much. much easier this can be if you just learn to draw boxes and arrows.

This article is meant for those of you who are starting out with relational databases and normalisation. I hope you know the purpose of normalisation and what the different normal forms are.

Every relation has one or more candidate keys. A candidate key (CK) is one or more attribute(s) in a relation with which you can determine all the attributes…

Feels like the title is longer than the actual post, but it is exactly what it is, a snippet for Visual Studio Code for creating a stateless functional component in React, with flow.

A guide to adding your snippet to Visual Studio.

And use it by typing reactslf in a JavaScript file.

That will result in this:

“Come and join us” ha says with a smile.

There are a lot of people there and they are all looking at me.

“You should go first” he continues.

I start talking about what I did yesterday and explain a complex problem I’ve been working on together with a colleague. I feel confident and safe in the thought that no one will interrupt me, and of course they don’t. They listen and come with thoughtful insights when I ask for them.

The music is loud and the guy next to me is animated, talking to me. …

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My last blog was an effort in making something pretentious. It was a static site, generated with Octopress. In fact, it was so impressive and smart that I had to google “how to create blog post with Octopress” every. single. time. I hade a virtual machine that I logged on to, then wrote some commandos and deployed via some magical ssh key. I have absolute zero memory when it comes to remember commands, so I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea in the first place.

So, long story short, here I am at medium. Throwing away the virtual machine and stop trying to figure out why the server holding the blog is no longer working.

Stina Qvarnström

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