Picking The Bar Back Up From Hell

I let you all enjoy your little day yesterday. Hell I’ll admit I enjoyed it too. (Amanda Gorman realllly did it for me). But today is a new day and I am still radical.

Welcome to the Biden Harris Administration. Welcome to generally being able to expect human decency. There, I said it. It is acknowledged.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into it. We have endured 4 years of straight clownery and accepted things no constituency should ever have to accept from its leaders. Each of these events have stomped our standards lower than the floor to a point that we might even have forgotten that we have standards. I mean, this is how Biden even got to office in the first place. Some things we can be sure to leave behind us- like poor and offensive demeanor, alternative facts, speeches that have no substance, and skill-less delivery of said speeches. But some things… oh some things are still a huge mountain ahead for us to climb. Unfortunately, we will not be leaving sexual assault behind. There are still violent racists who think they are fighting for what’s right, living amongst us. They are our neighbors, bosses, coworkers, acquaintances, even some family members that we- complex as it is- still have love for. Getting rid of Donald Trump does not solve this issue. We still live in an imperialist country that was founded on genocide, built on the backs of slaves, and hoards an offensive military budget all the while its citizens are struggling to survive. But for the first time in a long time I feel something I didn’t even realize I forgot how to feel: enthusiasm.

As radicals we can be seen as cynical gatekeepers of ethical principles. But the truth is that we are idealists who demand more. We refuse to just accept that our garments have the sweat and tears of stolen and exploited women and children weaved throughout their fibers. We refuse to ignore the taste of hot, overworked and underpaid hands that have harvested our fruits and vegetables. We believe humans deserve to survive without having to prove that they are worthy of survival. And if that is what we are about, we have got to BE about it.

No more waiting for conditions to improve, for people to listen, for things to get better. Eckhart Tolle in A New Earth said we must give up waiting as a state of mind, and if we catch ourselves slipping into waiting, snap out of it, come into the present moment, and just be. So we are being better. It’s time to pick the bar back up from the hell that Trump stomped it into and demand justice for our fellow human beings. And speaking of radicals- if you really want to bring white Jesus into this- please refer to Matthew 25:40.

As a first generation child of immigrants I have been gifted with a worldly perspective. The flipside to that is I can easily be overwhelmed with the absurd suffering that takes place all over the world daily. I try my best to stay up on information but there’s too much to know and too much work for any one individual to carry. Even though I know this deeply in my bones I still have to practice being softer. And sometimes I find that anxiety visits when I am not working on anything, but often times I don’t work on anything because I don’t know how or where to start. Therefore, that sometimes really turns into often times.

So here I am, starting. It may not be the best or most perfect way. I might make mistakes. I can be totally wrong. But at least I am starting and at least I am open to learning- and failing- and growing along the way. In the same way I write my personal and professional hopes and dreams for the new year, I am making a list for what I would like to see in this country as well, and I am taking action to make that list come to fruition with people who feel the same way.



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