You Are What You Read.

As a “ millennial” I consume my fair share of media through various outlets, most of them digital in some way shape or form. Though I do give my lovely mum all of the credit in the world for buying me books as a little girl because my love of reading has had multifarious benefits in my life. Nonetheless I am a “regular” when it comes to various websites and I have been asked to share them with the general public multiple times. I am more than willing to divulge what I put into my brain on a daily basis under one condition — that you read this and still continue to have your own things that you read, enjoy & find delightful that have nothing to do with what I like.

There are style bloggers that tell people exactly where they can find pieces of their outfit and how much they cost — I find that to be a bit arrogant. Stellar for you and your style, but aren’t we all just trying to wear whatever makes us feel unique & snazzy? In the same way, please don’t read what I read just because I read it. (This especially goes to the young ladies that have found my social media presence after I have been recruiting at IU and then try to emulate things that seem “adult” as an undergraduate). Be yourself. I’m already taken & quite frankly you are far more interesting as yourself than a pieced together copy of someone else. While I believe that we are all a sum of the things that we encounter in life, I feel like true freedom is having the strength of mind to decide who you are without the confines of other peoples opinions. Enjoy a dive into my daily life — if anything I hope it inspires you to figure out what your “things” or interests are.


For Strength:

My faith is a major part of my life — it keeps the smile on my face and the flame in my heart even when I feel like anything but. This Instagram account just so happens to do beautiful visual presentations of inspiring verses. I try to look at one a day, if it happens to be a tough one then I just scroll through random pages — you never know what kind of help you’re looking for until you find it.

For Business:

I find other people’s creativity and innovation beyond inspiring. Any mental dullness you may be experiencing (writers block, Excel work for hours on end, listening to people constantly reply “good” when you ask them how they are, etc) can be remedied by a quick peruse through this website. Again, visually stunning — you will start to notice a pattern with what I find “awesome”.

This is how I keep my eyes on the main topics in the rest of the business world that isn’t composed of startups and places where playing ping-pong or working in your PJ’s would be considered normal. Lots of wisdom from experience here. Articles that have helped me push myself professionally come from Forbes — in fact, I have a whole binder of my favorites that I have printed out (reading everything on a screen makes me feel like a robot after a while).

For Fashion:

Fashion industry knowledge from corporate to couture — it all lives here with blinding speeds and snarky article titles. I have referenced things that rising in the fashion industry in my career to my supervisors as a point of reference and direction when appropriate. If you choose to do something similar ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS read every single ounce of what you are about to forward to someone who has the ability to promote you. If the article doesn’t back your personal brand and the point you are trying to get across it is better left as conversation with your industry friends.

For Music:

I love this site compared to traditional music outlets (Spotify, Pandora) because the playlists are created by humans instead of algorithms that are restricted from playing anything you actually want to hear due to “licensing” issues. All of the playlists are categorized three ways from Sunday and exploring is as simple as being able to click on a few keywords that describe what you want. Some of my personal favorites include: “Be Olivia Pope”, “Grew Up In a Country Song”, “Coffee Shop Tunes” & “Sam Smith”. True, sometimes you get some pretty horrific covers or the quality of hearing someone sing through a box fan but God is faithful and they built in a next button.

Side Note: I don’t think I have gone a day in recent memory without listening to a TON of music, I may be a primarily visual lady but if I want my brain to take it down a notch this is my way out. If an acoustic version of Slow Dancing in a Burning Room or some Frank Sinatra won’t knock me down a few rungs then the rest of society has no chance.

Every Once in a While:

For a Lifestyle:

I won’t try and lie and make it seem like I am a fitness guru of any shape or form. If you know me well then you know I only workout when I really have my nerves roundhouse kicked during the course of a day. Again, thanks to my gorgeous mum for your stellar genes. HOWEVER! I have been into this site since it started and whole heartedly recommend it if you are trying to go all out in your fitness regimen - or just figure out different ways to cook as healthy as possible without eating tofu, kale, bee pollen and/or coconut water.

For Dreaming:

I’m not sure if it is because of my southern hospitality kind of upbringing or the fact that everyone loves a well put together house, but if I ever lose track of what I want out of my life then I go to this site. I find it very cathartic to check out the houses that are evocative of a home and all of the pieces of a life that come with it. If that’s “girly” and you want to make a comment about my desire to “play house” then you should note that my average price range rolls around 7 figures, often. You don’t get very far in life aiming for anything but a bullseye. (At one point in time I seriously considered restarting my college career to major in architecture. At the time I needed to make that decision I was under the impression that math was a “weakness” of mine and was too intimidated to make the jump — I have since realized I am ridiculously capable of many things and still have not ruled out going back to start over…again.)

For Serious Fashion:

I take pride in my ability to realize and identify which trends are coming into the wardrobe of the rest of us — excellent to find specific designers and their looks in seasons past. Occasionally I will click through the pictures of the world’s rich and famous and the parties they throw — I try not to do that often or I would start to think they have a real life.

To Grow My Faith:

Both of these websites are phenomenal for speaking truth into the moments of everyday life that can sometimes be completely paralyzing. So when I feel like throwing in the towel I read through the awesome love of Christ that these ladies live out, take a deep breath & keep fighting on.

For Advice:

I have no idea how I actually stumbled upon this first website — yes, the guy mostly tries to sell his book, but the features he has have been very poignant and encouraging for twenty year old things. For instance — understanding a “quarter life crisis” (yes, I am probably a high risk candidate for said syndrome).

& I am fairly certain that most people have heard of a TED Talk by now, if not, you are missing out on some intense sharing of wisdom and knowledge.

& That is it! My social media habit manifests itself on LinkedIn & Facebook. I have a Twitter handle and an Instagram but use them somewhere at a rate of frequency between never and slightly less than twice. I also have a healthy addiction to the Apple website and any insider blog that tells me when the next generation of iPhone is being released. I’m a tech nerd at heart, my altar ego wears expensive shoes and well co-ordinated outfits.

If you want to share the sites you find awesome and information feel free. Especially if you know about cooler things than me!

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