The reading about India for the class on March 17th spoke in depth about the policy issues with labor workers and the government. An overview of the case study incorporates how neoliberalism is being implemented, policies that are being destroyed and new ones formed, how the government is treating its citizens and the issues of minimum wage and safe work environments.

The definition of neoliberalism in this case entails
“restructuring the working class, especially reducing legal protections on unions and workers; more deregulation and in formalization of production; a further reduction in the regulatory regime and the scope of its laws; an end to what little social welfare continues to exist; an expansion of state-sponsored infrastructure development, but a continuation of the privatization of state-owned industries; and a greater reliance on the state to force through development against those sections of the population that might otherwise resist displacement.”

We’ve seen this system in China, Chile, West Germany and the UK. This means that the governments are trying to require less regulation on the companies. These places they all focused on redirecting their neoliberal ideas to transportation, education and among others into privatized systems. Thus creating an economic monopoly on pretty much everything if it has been implemented neoliberal system.

The country’s current state(India) with the company’s buildings are of such poor quality it is hard to be able to be reliable to investors, but the Indian governments are more worried about the profits rather than the worker’s well-being or quality of life. They even lowered the poverty line to make themselves seem as if they were progressing economically when in fact they are just making the rich, richer and the poor suffer even more. This is showing how neoliberalism works. It allows a small portion of the population to control the large majority of people in every aspect of their lives.

Therefore, in India, this is showing a great example of how the global north controls the global south. India is hurting, and seeking investors to come and have their companies be sourced out of India for retail, technology, etc. Private companies do seek to go places that are cheaper than their own country for mass produced products, but since all the issues and strikes people don’t want to have to worry about those issues. The government is working its way to decrease spending on public health which means there's an increase in privatized healthcare. Deregulation leads to the amendments to labor law’s and prohibiting a lot of what a union is standing for and taking away the people’s right to compensation if fired/ and notified in a timely manner, having worked shifts rather than working until the job it done, and to have a reasonable minimum wage. This is class genocide covered up by the government to choose to do whatever it pleases with its neoliberal system.