The Face-Shitting Continues

“Javascript Overlay Hall of Shame Revisited [WARNING: Image Heavy]”

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Since I posted previously about the epidemic of Javascript-fucking-Overlays polluting the intarwebs these days, the onslaught seems to have got even worse — if such a thing be possible!

In fact these ‘shits-in-your-face’ have become so omnipresent that, on a couple of occasions, I’ve actually found myself feeling mildly surprised when a site I’m reading HASN’T thrown this digital sputum in my stupid gob.

So here, before I finally abandon my ‘pissing-in-the-wind’ ranting about this phenomenum [on the grounds that no-one else seems to give a shit] is one last Hall of Shame, snapped now and then over the weeks intervening since last time. No names. No packdrill this time around. I can’t be arsed ploughing through this lot, trying to decipher what sites lie behind the ordure.

And, as ever, the minute this shite was smeared into my tender face, I immediately clicked off those websites and took my contribution to their web traffic elsewhere. So, well done webmasters, Great way to drive away [at least one of] your potential readership!

Let the Faeces Festival Begin!

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AUTHOR: stíobhart matulevicz

This article was originally published on on 18 August 2015. The author encourages visitors to come to his blog by flinging lumps of his own excrement in the faces of anyone venturing near enough to read it.