How traveling changed my mindset

As a five-year-old kid, I lived in two countries with zero travel effort while staying at the same address. No, I did not teleport myself, if that came across as the idea.

What really happened is that country where I lived in (Yugoslavia) has fallen apart and a new one was born (Croatia), which again did not make me a traveler.

15 years ago people who traveled to another country were either ‘lower class’ traveling by bus/train to find some work or ‘business people’ flying by airplane. That is how I was seeing things at a time, and it was partially true.

Today 15 years later, having numerous low-cost air companies in every country in Europe makes traveling super possible to everyone.

Mindset of myself before my first fun travel was:

‘It’s stupid to spend much money in a couple of days, isn’t it better to save it and buy something’.

Well, that perspective changed when I went to a 7 days trip to Krakow, Poland. I had so much fun, saw interesting architecture, tried different food, met new people, and all while having a laugh.

Walking in a new environment, seeing and experiencing new things, forgetting on the stuff that was bothering you and feeling a sense of freedom. That is the exact feeling that infiltrated in my body like a virus. Since then I visited many countries and spent many months abroad (Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, England…).

Rila mountain, Bulgaria

Being in new places always gives me new ideas, motivates me to do new things and makes me think differently. It opens the new perspective of understanding life. That is the effect that travel makes on me.
 I am fortunate enough to have a location free job, so I can travel and see all of the wonders our beautiful planet has to offer.

I usually travel by air. To search for affordable flights I recommend: as there are a bunch of cheap flights deals.

Remember that there is no better investment than investing in experience. Therefore wake up, and take control of your life. Invest in that which excites you. See new places, walk in different surroundings than you are used to, speak with people which are different than you, and enrich your life while you can.

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