Screen Time Is Changing Our Brain Circuitry
Maryanne Wolf

I am really glad this is being talked about. Already so much information is out there about the superiority of print reading versus digital. Better information integration, memory, etc. Not to mention the pleasure of taking time and reading a real book!

The flow of information in the modern world is schizophrenic. This discourages people, but instead people don’t see how taking time to learn about subjects in depth can actually save time and make them feel more empathy for others and better control over their own lives.

My girlfriend was reading the book Sapiens recently on Kindle and I talked to her about the benefits of reading a paper book instead. So I went and paid extra 26 usd for the book and she recently finished reading it. She loved reading the paper book.

Nothing replaces paper books, they are where are souls are.

Thank you for your article!