learn a lot of hard lessons,
The Breakthrough Myth — Why You Won’t Succeed Overnight
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Having a small business at 18–22~ with two friends was extremely “school of hard knocks” learnt a lot of things the bad way!

  • Always get a contract, on paper.
  • If all the other contractors or employees at a business, client of yours look extremely depressed you probably should look for a better client, they are going to try and screw You over too.
  • Do not trust anyone, your “brothers friends boss” does not care about you and will do anything they can to save a dollar, if they’re that sort of person.
  • Old people are the best IT (and for them, anything else electronic on the house too) support clients, they treat you like surrogate grandchildren and are extremely appreciative when you do a good job, small business owners are usually extremely stressed out themselves and will likely take it out on The Help.
  • Old people have good cakes, biscuits, coffee or cold cold beer in Australia and usually have some awesome tales of WWII or later.. some extremely sad, some mind blowing.