However, most smartphone users download zero apps per month.
The Hidden Homescreen
Matt Hartman

I know so many (typically not “tech people” ) who never install any apps at all, have no idea what their iTunes or google password is.. There’s two other factors;

Terrible data plans and lack of space to download any new apps as they have a terrible small capacity of storage and ..

Fear of platform lock in. They will not spend a single cent, not a 99c app or IAP. Many of these people earn well over six figures, but their fear is a fairly valid one; ask anyone who paid large amounts for Nokia apps etc.

Myself I’m fairly locked into iOS and OS X through my purchasing choices, and some of the more expensive apps I cannot give up (music apps for iOS. Design and animators for OS X) I will just drag out my older devices if I’m now on Linux, the Windows to come, or whatever OS we have in 8 years just in case apple goes to mediocrity.

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