On the other hand, when you wait for another week to post that new new article, that new video or that new whatever, nothing will add up.
It all adds up
Yann Girard

I often do not publish things because I don’t think they’re good enough. This is a curse. I have written about 20–30 iOS apps and have not released one!

However I am about to release my first, as I think I’ve finally made something Good Enough and unique.

So many of my artistic friends are the same, paint heaps, never seen outside their studio. Make amazing music, never heard by anyone but themselves.. Write entire screen plays etc you get the picture.

Perfectionism is a curse! Get things good enough, Polish a bit, then Publish.

At the moment I have 6 goals a day to complete, and soon one or two of them is going to change from “create X” to “publish X.”

Intentionally fuzzy Teaser shot:

What could this icon possibly represent? ;-)