I think a lot of issues stem from opening medium in other apps, their own browsers etc and it ends up “windowing” into a few frames — sometimes this is cause of IT departments locking down phones or tablets, so they don’t open straight into the medium app itself (ideal) or at the least, straight safari/chrome/whatever the default browser is set to.

Even on the medium app itself you can end up getting into Inception frames; the app opens a web view, then another web view under that and suddenly you’re not logged in as its a view-within-view etc.

I have basically given up sending articles to anyone who’s outside the “tech savvy” circles and point them right to my apple news channel, though that presents a bunch of new issues for those with “Samsung iPhones” that don’t understand that their phone is in fact Not an apple device or apple news capable;; saying that, the unique readers there vs here is about 1:1000 ratio! I encourage you to publish there as well, you will be shocked at the amount of readers and recommendations, and ad money if you sign up for those too.

I hope medium keeps going strong; RIP vine. And stays up as a viable platform, I love the recommended articles and the browser based editor is better in my opinion than most others.. Wordpress isnt too bad but their app is quite crash-prone.

Those of us who have been writing for a while know the pain of “So.. you have 10 days / 1 day / zero warning to pull all your writings off the site we are closing down!” message — I publish the same content to about 4 places, one of them self hosted.