Miitomo and while it got some initial buzz, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere meaningful.
A Link To The Past, Indeed
M.G. Siegler

Miitomo seems like a very slick, well produced chore. I used to open it every day, get the gifts, clothes etc.. I did open it last night to get the Metroid stuff, but i think that may be the final one.

if ninty just released say.. all of those same games they’re releasing with the new mini NES onto ios and google play stores, and at the same time an old school MFi/Android/ general bluetooth controller of the old NES kind they would make a killing.. $10 each, $5, or $1 they’ll dominate the charts for weeks or even months. Not sure why they haven’t except short sighted “not cannibalising own hardware” executive veto.

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