SremmLife 2 — initial listen review

1. Start A Party: nice electro intro track, setting the stage for a high energy album… “this is how you start a party!” Some familiar flows, and some new rhythms from both.

2. Real Chill (ft. Kodak Black): Chill beat, as the title suggests. Drums cutting in and out, Kodak works well with Slim and Swae.

3. By Chance: This song was released maybe six months ago, I loved it at the time, and still do — one of those songs that you anticipate a huge drop for ages, menacing sort of melody. I still expect it to suddenly “go hyped” to the max at any point.

4. Look Alive: another song released pre album, more of a pop track but nice beat for those who don’t appreciate the r&b style as well.

5. Black Beatles (ft. Gucci Mane): I assume this track may have been a reason for the”late” release, always worth waiting for Guwap! Gucci does not disappoint or “outshine” S&S too much either.

6. Shake it Fast (ft. Juicy J): another big feature, Juicy J, like Gucci works a lot with Mike Will.. Slim showing off new flow again, impressive. Club banger, a likely single. Juicy’s guest verse is solid, great production on the track too.

7. Set the Roof (ft. Lil Jon): DJ Mustard on the beat, lil Jon starting the song off with a chorus that complements Mustards style nicely. Head nodding involuntarily. //”we set the roof. On. Fire. We set the roof on fire!” No verse from Lil Jon but his chorus is plenty.

8. Came a Long Way: chilled out piano beat at the start, may be SouthSide will have to check the credits ASAP in my more detailed review. Fades out into…

9. Now that I Know: not my kind of song, “this ones for the ladies” r&b pop single IMO.

10. Take it or Leave it: Again not my style, but a decent track. Reminds me a little of No Type like a sequel. Chilled out song.

11. Do Yoga: Similar menacing style beat to By Chance. Not a favourite on first listen but will see if it’s one to repeat.

12. Over Here (ft. Bobo Swae): More my kind of style. Very bass heavy song, must give it a spin on my twin subby setup ASAP.

13. Swang: Extremely high pitch auto tune, matched to a smooth synth track.

14. Just Like Us: This is probably the most pop style song on the album, another predicted single for sure. Probably my least favourite song on the album.

A full review is coming once I listen to the album more than once.. An improvement on Sremmlife, often artists second albums are a let down.. This is an evolution not a slide into complacency.