crime, starvation, death, poverty, etc.
Agree. It’s sad really that we want to protect children as “all life is sacred” but only from…
Kevin Swenson

There is a bottleneck for traffic coming into the Melbourne CBD (central business district)

And a quite obvious women’s health clinic;

Every time you drive past which is often for anyone who lives to the east of city, there were usually lot of protestors – I haven’t been past recently so can’t say for certain they’re still annoying people but probably are still there too.

I recall as a small child every time we drove past these idiots, either my mum or dad depending who was behind the wheel would usually yell something like

Why don’t you guys go and help the homeless? The orphans? Lost dogs home, volunteer, do anything except this waste of time?

I make sure to say the same thing any time I see the same life-wasters bothering people who are just going to the doctor. How dare anyone try to impede access to medical treatment!