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This was published on November 7, 2014 on Hatch, our internal version of Medium. See Hatching Inside Medium for context on this collection.

Business Casual

Casual content on Medium

Medium is a great place for Medium-like content. Long’ish, well thought out, pretty, articulate, etc. That’s awesome, but our platform can and should be better for casual…

What’s your problem?

There are countless articles suggesting good processes for starting a new project. Most of them start with asking you to identify what problem you are solving, and for whom. Do all good projects, products, services, or companies solve a problem? That’s not a rhetorical question.

What about the booming video game industry? What problem is Madden ’15 solving…

Lately I’ve been thinking about what motivates people in the workplace. After reading a lot on this topic and experimenting with Holacracy at Medium, a simple model is starting to emerge. GAP.

  • Growth
  • Autonomy
  • Purpose

Notice what’s missing? Rewards.

Obviously not everyone is motivated by the same things (related: I’m a…

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Letters that probably won’t be sent, but should be. (Photo: Joel Kramer)

Forging elite fitness, or at least some good stories.

What are we building together?

I received the following email from my son’s middle school principal.

We all know that our world is now engulfed in technology. It can be a great tool but can also be problematic when not used properly. Instagram has become the favorite of many intermediate school students. The #1 item in the “Terms of Use…

Please declare your loyalties before recess, thanks.

Growing up, I said it every day in school. My son and daughter stand in their classrooms, put their hand over their heart, and recite it in unison with their classmates. The words are imprinted in the memory of every good citizen in these United States of America.

This was originally written on September 17th, 2014 and published on Hatch, our internal version of Medium. Read more about this collection at Inside Medium.

Human-Centric Design

Making readers and writers feel good

I love that we have recently been challenging our own thinking in regards to how people read and write on Medium. Our ability to step…

Your Secret Superpower

Fight Club, Lisa Loeb, and fornication.

I am 36 years old and I’ve had ten careers. Not ten different jobs, ten different short…

This was originally published to Hatch, our internal version of Medium for staff only, on Sept. 25, 2014 as I was thinking about how we might retain our culture as we grow the company. See Hatching Inside Medium for context on this collection.

People Science

Fostering a healthy culture, one conversation at a time

How Not To Propose to Your Girlfriend

One night, four mistakes

We had been dating for almost five years and we were both finishing up college. I decided to take my girlfriend, Cassie, to a surprise romantic dinner. I made four mistakes that night.

Mistake #1: The surprise

You Are Here

A handy guide to knowing where you are

A couple of days ago I watched the video of Elliot Rodger explaining why, and how, he was going to go on a killing…