In 2015, after working on Medium (the product you are currently reading this post on!), I decided to leave and start a new adventure. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do but I had some ideas I wanted to explore.

Having worked on consumer Internet products for over a decade, notably Twitter and Medium, I wanted to narrow my focus a bit and see if I could build a small business.

During a fundraise for a previous company back in the early 2000’s I remember an investor telling me, “If you build something that 14 year olds can’t stop talking about, you’ve hit a gold mine!” That sentiment always stuck with me because I usually built products that I enjoyed using also, which meant my potential user base was likely to resemble me. This statement made me realize there might be tremendous opportunity to build something for a demographic that is unlikely to build something for themselves. …

Locked in a maximum security prison, finding my freedom.

I am locked in the prison chapel, a large concrete room without windows and without prison guards. I’m standing toe to toe with a man I just met as he recounts the harrowing tale of how his friend, still free on the outside, married and then murdered his daughter. He’s on the verge of breaking down, breaking through, or exploding… maybe all three.

I’m playing the role of his “friend.” It’s my job to antagonize him. I stand up tall, look him directly in the eyes, and do my best to channel a man I’ve never met, a man who violently took the life of this man’s baby girl before she reached adulthood. …

A guide to balancing beauty and utility on your iPhone

While I understand and appreciate the value of disconnecting from the digital world, so much of my life happens through the 5.5" screen on my iPhone that I’ve become addicted to it. Even as a tech nerd, I hate the constant buzzing and the incessant need to check my phone every 5 minutes, so I decided to change things up a bit and modify my phone to serve me, not the other way around.

To start, this is my home screen.

This is what I see every time I unlock my phone. There’s an abstract landscape in the background, but most of my home screen is, well… nothing, by design. …


Jason Stirman

Product R&D at Facebook. Previously CEO of Lucid ( Ex Twitter and Medium.

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