A Half Marathon

I hate running and I’m not very good at it.

For Christmas, I signed my mom and myself up for the San Francisco half marathon in June of 2013. My mom used to run a lot and she was recently telling me that she would love to build up to a full marathon, which is on her bucket list, but she wasn’t confident that would ever happen.

She can do it. She’s run a couple 10k’s. She’s a warrior like that.

I once ran a 5 mile Thanksgiving turkey trot… and almost died. Also, one of my lungs collapsed a while back and is no longer able to inflate fully.

But, I signed up. I’m doing it. One foot in front of the other, easy, right?

What are your bold resolutions for 2013? Finish this sentence, I’m going to _________ in 2013. Declare it and make it so.