I Am Stirman

I am a misguided poet with code and a lover of unique signage. I am a worry-free bottle of pent up emotions. I once was shot at during a drive by shooting and I never leave home without my headphones.

I am stronger mentally than I appear, weaker physically, even in my frail frame. I have conquered most big obstacles in my life, but fear I can't remember those that beat me. I love the indoors and making drum loops.

I am not as intellectual as people paint me but I'm trying. Vocal harmonies melt me and I have never been in a real fight. I think I am destined for something big but wonder if I'll seize or notice the opportunity when it arises.

I am a husband and a dad, this I will not trade, pretty much everything else is negotiable. I still think about ways I could have improved my 12th grade physics project to take 1st place instead of 2nd. I don't cry, but sometimes wish I could.

I am a logical realistic optimist. I am not a dreamer, on most days. I think I am trendy, but I'm not sure. I once shot a ball of fire into my eye and this is the first time I have told anyone about it.

I am a good friend, but haven't been in the past. I long for the days I could jump higher and sometimes I think about what I'll be thinking about during my last few seconds alive. I am nervous right now because I’m about to buy a new car.

I hope I matter, but fear I don't. I love to live, but don't live to love as often as I should. My heart is bigger than I allow my actions to show. I was never a cool kid, but always well-liked. I am convenient to have around but a klutz in the kitchen.

I am getting more confident. I still drink chocolate milk in the morning and I once saw thousands of penguins march up a beach in Australia. I love hats but I am usually too self-conscious to sport them.

I am nearing 35 but don't feel a year over 13. I am who I say I am, unless you know me otherwise. I am still trying to figure out who I am. I am who I think you think I am... I think?!

That's who I am. Who are you?

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