Strongman, The Wimpy Kid Edition

I’m the wimpy kid, and those numbers on the whiteboard mean everything to me.

A few years ago I heard about Crossfit and got enrolled in a local “box”. It took me about 3 months to push myself to the point of ripping my abdominal wall which required surgery and several months away from the box.

Last year, a new Crossfit box opened up right near my house. After making excuse after excuse for not working out and getting back in shape, I decided to enroll at this new gym (with my now stronger, mesh-enforced abdominal wall!).

10 months in, I competed in a real Crossfit competition, with real Crossfit bros. I’ve never been so scared. Was I really about to throw around weights in front of a crowd? What if I puke? What if I puke and then pass out, in my puke? What if I puke, pass out and die, right here?

I did it. I competed.

I did pretty bad, but I finished. I’ve never been so physically or mentally exhausted. I could barely move for a week following the competition, but every ache and pain reminded me of the fear that I conquered, and that’s one hell of great a feeling!

(The numbers on the board are some of my stats from a pre-competion workout. 205lb back squat, 22'2" standing triple jump, and completed 100 pull ups and 100 burpees in 21:46. Those aren’t that great, but for this wimpy kid, I couldn’t be more proud.)

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