How to Buy ‘Stithulf ERC’ Token?

3 min readMay 14, 2023
How to buy the ‘Stithulf ERC’ token?

‘Stithulf ERC’ is a very low-cap ($38 in liquidity) Crypto Project, which aims to revolutionize financial services by replacing decades-old integration technologies with the latest Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology.

You can join our journey for future domination by buying the project token 💻

You can buy a $SULFERC token in 4 easy steps.

  1. Choose Wallet to Store the Token
Choose the best wallets with reputation and good reviews

- It is very important that you choose the most reputable wallets to store crypto. i.e. Metamask, Coinbase, Brave, Opera, etc. For this Tutorial, Let's take Metamask as a reference.

- If this is your first time, Create New Wallet Address -> Set up your password, and store the Seed Phrases in a safe place 🔒

- After successfully Creating New Wallet Address — Add Binance Smart Chain to your Network (Tutorial).

2. Buy Paired Cryptocurrency (BNB)

Buy BNB Coin through Metamask by choosing your reliable payment method

- Currently, $SULFERC has 3 paired Cryptocurrencies (WBNB, BNB, and BUSD). Buy any Crypto of them by clicking the buy symbol in metamask.

- The minimum price to buy the crypto may vary with region. In India, The minimum price to buy BNB is ₹1000.

3. Choose Exchange (PancakeSwap)

Set $BNB you would like to swap with $SULFERC tokens

- Visit the Link:

- Connect your wallet to Pancakeswap (Top Left) and Swap your bought crypto ($BNB) with $SULFERC.

Upon successfully swapping, you will complete the buying procedure and will be able to see your trade position on PancakeSwap ✅


Safeguard $SULFERC tokens


  • Choose a reputable Wallet to store the tokens. Secure your Seed Phrases/ Private Keys in a safe place.
  • Always verify the real Contract Address. Make sure that you have copy-pasted the right Contract Address while swapping the tokens.
  • Check the Maximum number of tokens you can buy for the bought cryptocurrency. The value for the maximum tokens you can buy limit will be posted on the Official website of Stithulf ERC.
Latest $SULFERC chart on Dexscreener


  • Get Live Chart and Trading information on Dexscreener.
  • Get Advanced Holders, and Transactions Details on Bscscan.
  • Join Stithulf Project on Telegram and Twitter for the latest promotional and security updates regarding the project.

If you encounter any issues regarding payments, please feel free to email us at We will be happy to assist you 👍




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