Take the Guesswork out of buying a Used Bike: We’re here to help!

We, at droom, know how attached you can get to a bike — it is not just a means of transport, it is a lifestyle. That feeling of freedom, of independence, and that of having a “partner” in every experience makes you feel emotionally invested in buying or selling your bike as well.

If you are thinking of buying a second-hand bike, for a partner in your adventures hereon, take a look at droom’s guide to buying used bikes in India:

Why do you need a bike?
Do you need a bike for commuting? Are you a bike enthusiast who likes to travel? There are broadly three types of bikes — commuter bikes, performance bikes, and sports bikes. Therefore, the first thing to narrow down is the bike/model for your needs. Additionally, consider the reliability, endurance, stability, and availability of spare parts. Choose brands or models that last longer and have good online ratings and reviews.

Where should you buy the bike from?
Opt for a platform that provides you a huge variety — platforms like http://droom.in show you a large number of vehicles available for sale in Delhi NCR, which makes it easier to sort, search, and make comparisons amongst your selections. Once you have chosen a bike, make sure to meet the seller and inspect the bike in person.

How should you inspect the bike?
We know that finding the bike of your dreams can sometimes result in “Love at First Sight” — but beware, there may be hidden flaws. It may also be helpful to take a mechanic or a knowledgeable friend along for advice. Conduct a thorough inspection before you make a final decision. Check for signs if the bike has been used or abused, if there are any visible oil leaks, and if there’s any corrosion or rusting. Take a test drive, checking the brakes, steering, and the condition of the tyres. Finally, check that the paperwork is in order, especially the RC, Tax, Loan, and Insurance documents.

droom, India’s first marketplace for automobiles, works hard to mitigate the pain-points for buyers and sellers of used automobiles. We can take away your worries by offering you flexible payment options, a wide variety of products, trusted and verified dealers, and complete buyer protection.

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