Oregon’s trading their infrastructure for jobs.

Oregon is a peculiar place. One where many don’t seem to think that Adam Smith’s laws of economics don’t apply. Petition 28 is a prime example, keep driving up the cost of business in the state and watch what happens.

Oregon and New Jersey — last bastion of not pumping your own gas. Why? Most Oregonians will reply it’s for the jobs. It’s great to be able to sit in your car and wait, while the harried gas pumpers run around checking pumps (Oregonians time must not be as valuable as the rest of the country). Makes me feel good knowing that I’m helping employ John Doe, but what I’d rather see is that extra fee I pay for somebody to pump my gas going to the infrastructure and helping our roads get repaired. It’s really too bad there’s not more of a price disparity between Oregon and Washington. But (gasp) — Washington chooses to invest in their infrastructure with higher gas taxes. Oregon???

Portland is nowhere near being able to keep up with their road maintenenace, driving down some Portland roads requires a 4x4. It’s like driving in a 3rd world country on some streets. But boy, I sure feel good as I get to use my four wheel drive in surburbia, I’m taking one for the team!

So let’s keep on keeping Oregon weird! Pretty soon the grid lock and lack of road maintenance will make peddling the fastest mode of transportation.