Self-Talk #1

Even Fathia Izzati used to cut.

Cutting by itself is something that should not be done nor normalized, but it teaches us something: everyone is capable of feeling so many pain no matter how fortunate or well-off one seems. The truth is we’ll never know what’s inside someone’s head until we really get through their head. I mean, one’s pretty easy life can be a disaster for another.

It’s amazing what a human can hide behind an everyday facade, and how easy it is for us to miss out on things even when they are dancing nakedly in front of our eyes. Ultimately, I believe people all want the same thing: to be at peace with ourselves. Is just maybe, the path and requirement everyone needs to fulfill it varied between each persons. Humans are layered, we are all uniquely different in our ways with a lot of textures. And one is not less precious compared to others. We might think we’re the only fighting, we might think we’re the only one tired. We might think we’re the only one exhausted. But the truth is everyone’s tired. Everyone’s exhausted. Everyone’s freaking scared and wants to be save.

If only we could let down our ego and for once realize that we are all inside just the same: a human that is lost and looking to find our ways. And by doing our part do we help the world to be a less confusing place.

One would say that the silence need to speak out while the other thing that the surroundings should have been more sensitive towards the signs. I wouldn’t say who is at fault, because ultimately assigning blames will not in any way provide a better outcome. Should we strike to be more open as society or should we put a lot more effort to listen and observe?

I think both path must be taken. We live in the world as a unity, one can’t do without the others. Think of Islands, separated by the sea. One is the home of amazing fields and the other is the land of precious metals. Would one excel without another? I don’t think so. Resources are meant to be shared, not to be harbored. A gift is better when it could be enjoyed together. Let’s learn to build bridges instead of burning them down. Let’s meet in the halfway, and then work together towards the same goal.

The goal is to be more understanding, more considerate, more brave. To goal is to be human.

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