International Women’s Day | 9 Johnians to watch in 2018

To mark the international day and movement pushing for gender parity, we spotlight the work of nine Johnians who are making waves globally today

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Jane Cordell (1984)

Disability rights activist and confidence coach

Based in Manchester, Jane is active in promoting disability
and works as a coach supporting excluded people across the UK to reach their full potential in life — tackling subjects including careers, education and personal relationships. She is co-Director of Result CIC — a Manchester-based, UK-wide community interest company which promotes and supports positive change for those who feel marginalised in the workplace and in wider society — is Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and was recently appointed to the Board of the Arts Marketing Association.

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Prishita Maheshwari-Aplin (2015)

Biological Anthropology finalist and education project director

Prishita is Director of the Education Project for the student-run NGO, Cambridge Development Initiative (CDI), collaborating with a sister Tanzanian organisation, Kite Dar es Salaam, as well as local NGOs and change-makers, with an aim to tackle key development issues by piloting innovative, community-driven projects. Prishita is also an exceptional violinist and soprano singer, and played with Chetham’s Symphony Orchestra, performing in masterclasses with Nicola Benedetti, Viktoria Grigorieva and Madeleine Mitchell. She was named a Female Groundbreaker by the Independent in 2017.

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Jayne Ozanne (1987)

Gay evangelical, writer, broadcaster and speaker

As Director of the newly-formed Ozanne Foundation, Jayne works to ensure full inclusion of LGBTI Christians at every level of the Church of England, with the launch of the Foundation having stemmed from several years of campaigning to move the Church of England forward to becoming a more inclusive Church. In February 2017, Jayne led the revolt in General Synod (the national assembly of the Church of England), which saw lay and clergy members voting down a deeply unpopular report from the House of Bishops on same-sex relationships.

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Nell Boase (1996)

Product management leader and digital content expert

As the recently-appointed Chief Product Officer of Mumsnet, Nell runs the organisation’s editorial teams as well as the product team, so is responsible for working on colossally popular talk forums and daily content. With a scientific mindset, Nell generates hypotheses regarding what the service’s users need, producing prototypes for the website and app’s development. Mumsnet regularly campaigns on issues including support for families of children with special educational needs, improvements in postnatal and miscarriage care, and freedom of speech on the internet.

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Sophie Dundovic (2009)

Health technology entrepreneur

Sophie is co-founder of Parasym Health, a technology company based in London which researches the treatment of high impact chronic diseases using vagus nerve stimulation. In her role there, Sophie covers business operations, product development and building research partnerships, recently establishing some exciting long-term clinical collaborations in the US.

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Jenn Kidd (1999)

Actor, writer and coach

Having trained as an actor at RADA and worked professionally as an actor, Jenn progressed to become Founding Director of Seedbed Theatre — creating stories as a writer and offering unique communication coaching for the workplace and community. Before this, she opened Songstring, her first solo show, within a year of the birth of her first child, and she is currently writing new scripts, coaching CEOs for international speaking engagements and multi-million-pound bids, and is this summer sharing the same tools with young adults who aren’t in education, employment or training.

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Olivia Browne (1996)

Advertising leader

Olivia is the Managing Director of 400-strong Grey London — one of the most successful and progressive ad agencies in the UK, responsible for iconic campaigns for companies including M&S, Volvo, HSBC, and Procter & Gamble. An important part of Olivia’s remit is helping drive the diversity agenda across the industry. Grey recently launched five initiatives including making its diversity data publicly available; a cross-industry taskforce to tackle barriers to more diverse workforces; and a 100-schools outreach programme. She’s passionate about deploying advertising as a force for social change, having led campaigns in her career such as the DfT’s Think! campaign — which saw a decline in road casualties and accidents of 12% and 11% respectively during her tenure. Her proudest piece of work is the multi-awarded Superhumans campaign for the Paralympics, which brought about an important change in attitudes to disability. She was voted a Woman of Tomorrow in 2016.

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Jennifer Schulz (1994)

Law Professor focusing on mediation, women and popular culture

As a Law Professor at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada, Jennifer is in constant contact with young minds and is paid to read and write about what interests her most. She has been a visiting scholar at Cambridge, Birkbeck, Toronto and British Columbia universities, and has co-edited two books relating to law and justice on TV — tapping into themes including ethnicity, gender and diversity. She is currently writing a book titled Mediation Matters, which analyses depictions of female versus male lawyers on TV.

Jennifer welcomes emails from students, especially young women looking for career advice. Email for her contact details

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Katherine Ladd (2015)

English Literature finalist and Christian social reformist

Katherine founded Treated Right, a project which helps students engage with issues surrounding modern day trafficking and sexual exploitation, in 2017. The project raises money for charities which work with these issues through an inter-collegiate baking scheme: 10 students bake and deliver cakes each week in term for ten of their friends in return for £10. It also works through a website to challenge Cambridge students to think about their own slavery footprint and how they might engage with the issues politically, locally and in the way they shop.

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