Some of the most productive tools, that encourage me to stay organized.

Google AppScripts

  • The first thing that I do is write down all the steps in my process. This will allow me to figure out how many lines of code I need and what functions may be used in this script.
  • Next, I find the relevant documentation of the appropriate functions in Google’s documentation page [link here](
  • Then, after reading through these documents and their tutorials [link here]( (and often needing further clarification), I write out my script with internal comments inside the parentheses explaining what each function does so that others can understand my thought process when going through this code later on for debugging or other reasons such as adding new features or making changes to existing ones).

Tensorflow Lite

Lobe.AI — A tool that allows you to create a deep learning model without any coding experience.

Figma — A collaborative design tool that also allows you to build a progressive web app with their platform.



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