What’s Givable with Naretha?

Naretha Hopson, community member at givable.org, shares new ideas in Education and encourages St. Louis to overcome its division.

Naretha Hopson is a speaker, coach and facilitator at Ever-Appropriate Etiquette Institute (https://www.ever-appropriate.com/)

Why is giving back to the St. Louis community important to you?

“To whom much is given, much is required.” As a St. Louis native I have received so much from this community. It is important to give back in order to ensure that the community remains strong for future generations. Importantly, there are areas of opportunity for growth. I am committed to working with others to identify and fortify the areas of growth.

What do you like about Givable?

It’s easy! I enjoy the opportunity to give daily with a single click. What better feeling than to start your day making a difference in the lives of others–maybe while still in pajamas. I love that the format is clean and simple. I like that we are presented with a short blurb about only two organizations per day. I can actually process that information, learn about a new org and give–all while in the process of getting my day started. Givable understands the needs of budding philanthropists. It is a win-win for the giver and the community.

What Givable Cause is closest to your heart?


Why do you think it’s important to care about this Cause?

Education is the cornerstone of personal and community success. In order for any community to thrive, each and every person in said community must have access to quality holistic education. An education that caters to many different learning styles, not an antiquated system of test taking. Gone are the days when simply teaching the “3 R’s” is enough. Slowly, more schools and organizations that are expanding the definition of learning in our city, like Urban Sprouts Child Development Center. Givable gives me the opportunity to learn about and support trailblazers in this space.

What’s your favorite Givable charity?

Urban Sprouts Child Development Center! Learn more at www.urbansproutscdc.org

If you could make one suggestion to make St. Louis better, what would it be?

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” St. Louis is a great city. We would benefit from being more forward thinking.

Settling for the way things have always been done is not working. In order to remain competitive, the city will need to continue to embrace innovation. The innovators would do well to embrace collaboration. There is far too much good work happening in silos. We must continue address the divides in our city. Let’s start with Delmar.

Personal Mantra?

I am a dreamer who dreams, sees visions, and listens always to the still small voice. I am a trailblazer. ~George Washington Carver