Introducing, STLD Exchange

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We’re excited to share STLD!

Come Augur v2, STLD will provide instant-payout for winning shares. We’ll support a wide range of markets that will be broadcast ahead of time. Additionally, members of STLD’s reservation service will be given priority to settlement funds and will receive push payout offers as soon as an event in which they have winning shares ends, all without having to give up any identifiable information.

There are 4 ways to access STLD, depending on your preferences:

Why is STLD necessary?

While we believe the enhancements made in Augur v2 will substantially improve the payout speed experience from v1, we are aware that there is a subgroup of users (and potential users) who have an expectation of near-instant liquidity on winning predictions; and with it, the optionality to immediately withdraw or make another prediction.

Additionally, Although measures have been taken to mitigate the risk of market ‘invalidity,’ we seek to allow users to take an additional insurance step and effectively ‘pool’ their risk with other users; improving upon Augur’s accessibility. Furthermore, by broadcasting which markets are supported ahead of time, we’ll afford users an added degree of comfort in knowing prior to their participation that prospective winning shares are going to pay.

Instant settlement funds are limited, and priority will be given to members of our reservation service (although you are never obligated to accept a payout offer!). Sign-up today to reserve instant settlement in all of your markets!

STLD is the flagship product from Prediction Labs. At Prediction Labs, our mission is to accelerate the adoption of prediction markets; via education and user experience improvements; in order to help the world make better decisions.

Contact with any questions!

Instant payout for winning shares in Augur markets.

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