How to be an Artist

1. Find two chairs, place plank between both chairs, sit on plank or floor.

2. Recreate Eiffel Tower with yarn to scale or otherwise

3. Cook Mac and cheese everyday and take a picture of each meal and bathroom scale

4. Take a picture of the candy garnered from advent calendars for the next 24 years.

5. Apply to art school

6. Start a tumblr and reblog only pictures of tasteful nudity without feeling shame

7. Do something stupid and regret it for 9 months to ~ 18 years

8. Be a female boy scout leader

9. Die from childbirth as a male.

10. Ghost write for fictional character

11. If straight, come out to your parents and call it performance art.

12. Create multi level marketing scheme, use your nieces and nephews to get money from your siblings /parents/grandparents

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