So tomorrow
Heather Nann

I can totally relate to the feeling of when Jenn had her cancer and the chaos and fright which ensued. And yes, fuck this nation of brutish Trump wannabe’s who now consider RAPE a preexisting condition and have put cancer back to a death sentence. May they all rot in hell!

Thank goodness we had great health insurance for her through my union (which U.S. Steel tries to get rid of every contract). It definitely helped but nothing can take away from the exasperation you must be feeling and that we did feel.

As our five littles, good friends, Jenn and I ready ourselves for her second cancer walk in a few weeks, my thoughts and hopes go out to you and yours, H.

Thank you again for all the well-wishes and support you sent our way and now it is my time to do the same for you!

Much love, Sunshine!