The Only Thing Horrifying About The “Dash Cam” Is That It Needs To Be “Horrifying” Enough For Us To…
Ezinne Ukoha

I feel unfortunately, the dash cam has become another way for violence anesthetized America to satiate itself with more bloodsport.

I sadly think that a good portion of Americans need to get their reality fix of death and despair, as long as it’s not them who are involved in the tragedy.

The tell tale signs of an ‘Empire’ in decline usually seems to revolve around games, blood sport and an unending menu of debauchery while the important issues of true liberty, equality for those who’ve never truly attained it, an emphasis on educating the masses and caring for the people who need help the most are brutally pushed to the wayside.

We are dangerously past the tipping point.

Say goodbye to the ‘Empire’.