I Have Just Two Words For John McCain
Allan Ishac

Ditto Get Well ! Get Well ! Get Well!. McCain is in a class of his own 
but we can at least aspire to be as honorable as he is , plus we can certainly stop rewarding people who are blatantly despicably dishonorable. 
And give much more air time to those who follow in McCain’s shadow.
Like calling out Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward who was defeated by McCain in the 2016 Republican primary, 51 percent to 39 percent and plans to challenge Rep Senator Jeff Flake in 2018. 
SHAME SHAME SHAME for saying. 
“ McCain should step down and give me the seat 
so he and his family can spend more time on end of life decisions. “

And giving more air time to people like 
Pete Buttigieg
the Mayor of South Bend Indiana who said 
“ the Constitution was created to restrict the government 
from impugning on our freedoms but we also need government 
to restrict anything else impugning on our freedoms”

Elizabeth Warren
- patience of Job, passion of Winston Churchill, and civility personified

Al Franken — dignified, gracious and funny

Terry McAuliffe Governor of Virginia
who personally went to the airport to get 
illegally held detainees released from authorities.

Cory Brooker Senator from NJ — shovels sidewalk for elderly man / 
(The only shovel Trump is aware of is the one he uses 
to shovel chocolate cake into his oversized obese body.)
Cory ran into a burning building 
to save the life of his neighbor / rescues freezing dog
and so on and so on

I am sure there are many many more 
and I am sure some must be Republicans

While there is possibly no one who may hold a candle to McCain,
there are some who can become a force which puts civility 
and public service back into politics when we insist.

These people get at least, if not more, air time 
than the lackey apologist hacks pumping alt-facts

That we stop calling dictators strong men, they are

That there are consequences to uncivil behaviour.

There is no double standard of legal and illegal behaviour
based on your political party.

Is it a coincidence that Trump is throwing his weight behind Kelli Ward
to get her elected over Flake.

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