New Scientist was wrong for that Serena tweet

Do not let the race baiters who are bashing Serena Williams 
divide and conquer. Haters never have only one target. 
They are indiscriminate in their hate fuelled rages. All hate attacks 
come from the same source. Fear of other So why do these men 
fear women. Easy. Womb envy-who is the daddy. 
Sure since 1987 DNA tests can give 99.9% chance of who is the daddy 
but they are extremely recent, too expensive for poor men folk 
and not a great way to cement a relationship.

Besides oppression going back 
millions of years does not go away overnight 
because logic and science grew up.

Getting pregnant to enhance your physical prowess 
can only come from the addled brain 
of an idiot suffering from womb envy.

The absurdity of using pregnancy as one would use steroids
is so ludicrous as to be funny if it were not so appalling. 
It is a callousness 
which can only come from ignorance laced with jealousy.

Why stop at pregnancy, why not object to women having breasts, 
because obviously it makes them more buoyant when swimming, 
gives an unfair advantage in a photo finish race, 
and of course the all time favourite — they are distracting.

Let these misogynistic fools 
live through debilitating morning sickness 
so bad as to be hospitalized - Just ask Kate Middleton.

Let them listen to the stories women share 
of discomfort caused by excessive water retention 
their achy joints, poor sleep, exhaustion and brain fog

How surprised will these womb-enviers be 
when they never, ever, not once hear not even one woman 
express being enamoured about their increased red blood cells
and the extra oxygen to their muscles.

Never mind the life time commitment 
which comes after 9 months of discomfort
because go figure female athletes
are not some kind of sub species of women 
who easily abort foetuses 
after they have served their usefulness as a blood enhancer.

Do not let the male establishment scientific or otherwise 
divide and conquer by pitting black women against white women
over whether or not a white man thinks 
one is more attractive than the other.

No self respecting scientist would postulate such a ludicrous theory.

To me Serena Williams has to be lauded as an outstanding role model 
for all girl children be they white, Hispanic, Oriental, Muslim, 
athletic or not athletic.

She is of impeccable character, strength and inspiration 
which cannot be allowed to be diminished or dismantled 
to a divide and conquer dispute over distinctions without a difference
over race, looks, hair or other idiotic measuring sticks 
invented by men trying to make women feel less than 
in the hopes the men can feel more than.

Of course black women face difficulties 
which white women do not. But pain is pain
misogyny is misogyny and an attack on one 
must rally all.

Hateful starts fires in a hundred different places
tricking victims into thinking 
that each fire is a different issue 
or a different battle to be won

Do not let the white men divide and conquer 
by pitting women against each other across race or age or ethnicity
in a sad attempt at seeking their stamp of approval.

The battle is not whether black women 
or white women are more beautiful.

The battle lines must be that looks have no business 
in judging the worth or value of any women
and men or women have no business bringing it to the table 
as if it had merit how beautiful or not someone is.

Looks are never part of judging a man. 
That is the issue.

An attack on Serena is an attack on all women, 
on all blacks , on gays and transgender, because it is hateful.

HATE RISING — This is everyone’s problem

Be strong continue the fight
and be inspired by others pushing back the hate.

SEE THE BOOK — by Dan Abrams
“Man Down: Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
That Women Are Better Cops, Drivers, Gamblers, Spies,
World Leaders, Beer Tasters, Hedge Fund Managers, and Just About Everything Else”

The brains of women by all current 
and past measurements for intelligence
are smarter than men
- more folds in their brains = more surface area = smarter
- higher brain to body weight ratio = smarter
putting men third after dolphins and women in the smarts department.

11 facts about women-run businesses that prove the future really is female.

Women-led companies perform three times better than the S&P 500

Good girls revolt gets right about D.C. Del Eleanor Holmes Norton

Life forms which uses an organ for more than one purpose 
are considered to be on the lowest end of the evolutionary totem pole

Lobsters like men have double duty organs.
Lobsters use their feet for mobility or to release their sperm= their penis
Men use their penises to urinate or ejaculate.

Women have a specific organ just for pleasure and nothing else
and another for voiding = higher on the evolutionary scale.

And because nature built women for sexual pleasure 
with this specific organ men have to step up to stop it 
or they will never know who the daddy is.

Female mutilation is for the sole purpose of removing an organ
which was built specifically and exclusively
for the sexual pleasure of women.
It is a very large organ extending into well into the body cavity 
with 8,000 nerve endings.

An American doctor performed female mutilation for 12 years 
on girls from the age of 6 and up . 
You know the perfect age to make sure they remember the pain 
and who is in charge of their life.

- 200 million girls world wide / yr suffer FGM
- 5K per year in UK


Bitch in Business

SEE: If Men Could Menstruate. by Gloria Steinem.
“the characteristics of the powerful, whatever they may be, 
are thought to be better than the characteristics of the powerless
 — and logic has nothing to do with it. ”

Naomi Klein No is not enough
she argues that Trump is not an aberration 
but a logical extension of the worst, 
most dangerous trends of the past half-century
 — the very conditions that have unleashed a rising tide
of white nationalism the world over. It is not enough, she tells us, 
to merely resist, to say “no.”

If Cassandra can care and not give up than so can everyone else.
Cassandra Levesque, 17, campaigned in her native New Hampshire 
to raise the minimum age for marriage to 18 
 — from 13 for girls and 14 for boys

Republican David Bates said: 
“We’re asking the legislature to repeal a law 
that’s been on the books for over a century, 
that’s been working without difficulty, 
on the basis of a request from a minor doing a Girl Scout project.”

Too minor to have a voice and be listened to 
but not too minor to be married off.

Eleanor Holmes Norton a role model for women of any colour 
or ethnicity

Trailblazing women on making their voices heard

A Shared History of Struggle Should Unite India’s Dalits 
and African Americans in the Fight for Equality

Fannie Lou Hamer was an American voting rights activist
“What is the point of being fearful

All they can do is kill me and it feels like they been trying to do that since I was born”

Said by a male stand up comedian

“I would trust more a woman having her period 
than a man with an erection
Men, some advice. Never say to a woman something 
you would not want to hear from a man in prison.”

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