I want to take time to seriously address this comment, because it’s something I thought about a lot…
Ben Thomas

Everything you said in your response is correct .
I am not naive enough to think that poor people are more noble than the non poor and yes if you do not keep your wits about you then yes you will be robbed exploited and throwing money at them is not a solution because 
money problems are not solved with money.
Now throwing money at organizations like Kiva — now there one can feel like a part of the solution. Kiva Microfunds isa non-profit organization that allows people to lend money low-income entrepreneurs and students in 82 countries. Kiva’s mission is “to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty

Yes agreed, in societies where haggling is considered right and proper 
and you enjoy it then have at it.
But really.
Your feeling that $5 was overpaying is as outrageous 
as the cabbie asking for $80.00
All things being relative the $5 may be a fortune to the cabbie and maybe he is laughing all the way to the bank thinking how gullible you a
but if I cannot afford $5 for a cab then I would walk.
And if I am seen a gullible for paying $5 then I can live with that.

Interesting is this.
My East Indian friends who own businesses will scorn me for not haggling, 
yet hate doing business with their own kind because they hate how they haggle with them.Apparently in our clockwork society they love it when we do not haggle with them but they still insist in haggling with us and each other.How strange is the human psyche.

However I will never be able to understand how gawking at poverty 
or watching the site of women imprisoned in clothes 
being lead like cattle with less rights than cattle 
can possibly tickle your funny bone.

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