Putin Didn’t Do It
Dave Pell

So well put-in fact it is excellent. Trump is the wolf at the door 
but he can only blow the house down because of the termites 
in the basement. Can it get more Termitty when the answer 
from a supporter is “ Well the King has to be protected “ to the question “ President Trump promised to spend all of his time in the WH but instead had spent in 3 months more in security for golfing at his private clubs than Obama spent in 8 years.” 
Or referring to Trump as the “ God Emperor” by the meme creator 
of the Trump CNN body slam. TERMITTY Devoted supporters, 
who think God chose Trump to lead them 
and who are willing to walk off the cliff with him into the end times.

is Trump the problem or is Trump the Termites Final Solution

40% of his supporters think he should be allowed to overturn supreme court decisions

Bootlicking, ring kissing, genuflecting termites
tripping over themselves to play the game
“Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all. 
YOU only you”
during the ego stroking showboating cabinet meeting.

“We are blessed to be able to serve you, “

If that does not make your skin crawl and a cold chill run down your spine 
then you are a part of the problem.

Serve what?
A mad man who wants to build the wall out of transparent solar panels.
They have to be transparent 
to “prevent injuries from falling sacks of drugs”

That way when cartels “throw the large sacks of drugs over
agents can see them and people won’t get hurt.” Trump said

That is the whom you are blessed to serve?
Gawd help all of us.

AMORAL TERMITES — Make the poor more poor
- school lunch programs gone

- Missouri’s governor 
says raising the minimum wage will take ‘money out of people’s pockets’ 
so he’s lowering it from $10.00 / Hr To $7.70 . Hr

- Kellyanne Conway -” if they fall off Medicaid they can get a job”

The rest of the world which discovered 
how health care for all improves the economy
is looking on and asking what the hell is wrong with these people

HIDDEN TERMITES Economy not so great
The U.S. economy grew at its weakest pace in three years 
in the first quarter as consumer spending worst since 2009
and businesses invested less on inventories.

Gross domestic product increased at a 0.7 percent annual rate
the weakest performance since the first quarter of 2014.

There is no cause for concern said Ryan Sweet 
an economist at Moody’s Analytics
The key will be wage gains 
 — we need strong wage-growth support for spending going forward.”
(Missouri’s governor did not get the memo?)


- Fox news “ what we need to do is to go into these Mosques 
and do pre arrests “I am not sure what you are up to 
I cannot take the risks come with me “

- Tillerson — so happy there were no protests in Saudi Arabia 
- ( they are illegal, punishable by decapitation)

- Fox News — “ we need to arrest these guys , or worse”
In reference to people investigating Trump and his White House.

- Fox news guest said “Comey notes were entrapment from someone 
who wanted to impugn sinister motives to everything the president said “

- Jeff Sessions “ I worry that we are not locking up enough people”

- Jeff Sessions — instructed Federal courts to impose 
the harshest penalties for drug offences
even when non violent 
( Does Sessions own shares in private prisons?)

- VP Pence when governor of Indiana 
introduced an anti-abortion bill so vile 
that the Pro lifers in the Indiana Congress voted against it.

- Alex Jones praised by Trump as trustworthy 
claims Sandy Hook School massacre was a hoax staged by child actors

-reducing national parks budget by $1.5 billion
Ending moratorium on new coal leases on public lands, 
Taxpayers are estimated to be losing $1 billion a year in revenues 
because coal companies are not paying royalties 
on the actual market price of coal on Federal lands

- 20% of Trump supporters think freeing the slaves was a bad idea 
 Time Magazine

- head of FDA thinks it is a good idea to stop double blind testing of drugs
and to move away from large clinical trials 
because drugs do not need to be efficacious, just safe

- pesticide Chlorpyrifos is back in the mix
it causes neurological damage in children 
does not save jobs does not create jobs and does not save money

- EPA lead bullets are back.
Now Bald Eagles and children 
can go back to being poisoned when the Eagles eat carrion
and the men folk bring home the deer and moose for the winter larder.

- Coal mines can now pollute rivers so as to create those jobs
Coal Magnate Robert Murray CEO of Murray Energy
“No Matter What Trump Says, Coal Mining Jobs 
Are Not Returning To West Virginia

US coal jobs will not come back
automation and natural gas has made coal less competitive”

(fastest growing job in the US is wind turbine technician
stone age did not end because of a lack of stones )

- Trump administration to cut NOAA weather satellite programs 
we can always stick our head out the door to see what is what 
and ask a rodent for further details.


SPIN TERMITES — they double down, 
excuse, obfuscate, whitewash, 
change the subject, move the goalposts
make false equivalencies, 
blame everyone else and attack truth tellers

Shameless Sarah Huckabee Sanders making an official statement.
“ Trump is not a liar and it is insulting of you to ask that question”

Trump has been tracked by more than one source of lying 
once every 3 1/2 minutes.

Just in one small tweet 3 lies.
“I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director 
by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt”

- twitter sued government against their demand 
to release the owner of twitter account which criticized Trump 
government backed down THIS TIME

- Trump installed plaque at his golf course 
commemorating a Civil war battle which never happened
 — it merits being ignored by Fox news,
and a giggle and a yawn from the MSM

- Calling out Trump on fake Time Magazine cover with his face 
warranted an all out attack about his issues with women bleeding.
( womb envy )

- Mar a lago restaurant had 13 code violations in one year
including under cooked meat / dangerous fish /
fish had no undergone proper parasite destruction 
storing ham a 59 degrees
 — not a hair on his head disturbed by that 

- Trump exempting his friends from the Ethics of office pledge

PANTRY TERMITES ( the economy )
-Trump lobbyists less transparent and easier to lobby
relaxed some of the ethical standards on lobbying
removed ban on lobbyists working in agencies 
which they lobbied for in the last two years

-Republicans are closing in on 
repealing Dodd-Frank and bring the Wall street banks
to the gambling days of 2004–2008
Defence to this is “ this time we will not bail them out”

Trouble is the banks which were too big to fail in 2008 
are now bigger thanks to quantitative easing and other magic wand tricks

- 4.3 million fewer visitors applied to visit in 2017 
which is a loss of $14 billion in direct and $30 billion 
indirect spending from tourists (11% of exports)

Over 100 years of scientific research has proven again and again, 
through countless studies, the undeniable truth: asbestos is a silent killer.

Between 12,000–15,000 Americans die every year 
from asbestos-related diseases.

Trump said 
“asbestos is 100 percent safe” 
“ asbestos got a bad rap”
“dangers of asbestos a Mafia hoax”
“should be used more often. “
“ Twin towers would not have come down if they had used asbestos”
in 2012 he even went so far as to tweet 
“that there should have been asbestos in the Twin Towers”
(there was, and hundreds of rescue workers have died because of it


Scott Pruitt head of EPA said 
“ mercury is safe” 
“ the science on asbestos is not in yet”

Gunman listening to Glen Beck 
went to San Fran to kill everyone at Tides and the ALCAU 
was apprehended on route and a big shoot out happened 
two officers wounded because of course
of the availability of armor-piercing bullets
to everyone who needs them.

Shooter in Pittsburgh killed 3 officers 
because he was told the government 
was coming to take his guns away after Obama was elected

- after 10 years of saying no, 
China has granted Trump dozens of trademark rights

- Modified ban on Cuban business relations favour Trump hotels

on the chopping block
- Children’s Health Insurance

- meals on wheels ( you know the meals for housebound veterans )

- Eliminating Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG), 
which offer need-based aid to around 1.6 million 
low-income undergraduates each year,

- significantly” reduce Federal Work-Study. 
work-study programs are typically successful 
at helping students graduate and find employment post-college.

Governor Christie vetoes bipartisan bill 
to raise age of marriage to 18 yrs old
from 13

Rep Hampshire David Bates 
not interested in changing a law on books for 100 years 
which was working without difficulty
from a request from a minor during a girl scout project 
Too young to have a voice in the laws which can force her to marry.

Children being married off to adults 
“ has worked fine for the last 100 years with no problems whatsoever”

Ted Nugent feted by Republicans and Trump
“ hateful rhetoric has gone too far”
Nugent said “ Hillary can suck my machine gun”
“ Obama was a subhuman mongrel”

BTW: Nugent has sex with little girls
and sings the praises of sex with little girls

“Well, I don’t care if you’re just 13
You look too good to be true
Wait a minute, officer
Don’t put those handcuffs on me
Put them on her, and I’ll share her with you”

It makes you feel slimy yucky polluted just reading that.


Trump said
“ God said ‘I am not going to let it rain on your speech ‘
and God brought out the sun and stopped the rain” 

A verifiable lie and it barely gets a whaaat-eeeever 
from his hated media sources
and rabble rousing rah-rah-sis-boom bahs from his supporters 
as verifiable truth telling.

- it started before Trump Karl Rove , 2003 bush Administration
“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.”

Joseph Heller as quoted from interview Moyers had with Heller
“Democracy we celebrate is full of illusions 
such as participatory democracy 
voting is a ritual and a delusion which comforts us 
indispensable to our contentment but absolutely useless in application”

Rand Paul tweet 23 June/2016
“ why do we have a 2nd amendment it’s not to shoot deer
it’s to shoot at the government when it becomes tyrannical”

Kevin Mcarthy said
“ Putin pays trump”
1- “ No I did not say that”
there are tapes of you saying that
2 — “ I was joking”
and the news moves on

Rick Perry Secretary of Energy
said in front of a crowd that 
when you increase the supply the demand will increase

There is no low so low, 
so despicable that his supporters will finally say enough.

- not paying the three little girls who sang at his rally as promised 
 Didn’t do it

- taking money from children with cancer 
 Didn’t do it

- had to be forced to release the money from his fundraiser for veterans 
 Didn’t do it

- 35 Doctors signing letter to NY times 
saying Trump is unfit to be president
suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
 Didn’t do it

-bragging about how he bankrupted his suppliers and sub-contractors
by not paying them — you know the little people he swore to defend
 Didn’t do it

Donald Trump’s business links to the mob — BBC Newsnight
 Didn’t do it

The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump
 Didn’t do it

Billy Bush enables Trump to brag 
about sexually assaulting women
NOPE — that didn’t do it either
Meanwhile Bush gets fired; Trump the assaulter 
— becomes president

“ Putin Asked me to meet with the Russian ambassador 
in the Oval Office so I did “ “ What was I going to say? No?”
( previously Russians were not allowed in the Oval Office )
 Didn’t do it

- Giving top secret information to the Russians
 Didn’t do it

- Calling the FBI Director a nut job to the Russians
 Didn’t do it

- Bragging to the Russians 
how firing Comey took the pressure off of the Russia thing
 Didn’t do it.

He is shooting himself in the foot so many times 
the birds have left the skies for quieter places
 Didn’t do it

He is shooting his supporters in their feet so many times 
the worms in the ground have left to quieter places
 Didn’t do it

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