The Two Minutes It Takes To Read This Will Improve Your Writing Forever
Josh Spector

Speaking of “that” time to start a campaign to bring back the subject.
-The people that saw the movie — S/B the people who saw the movie
-The girl that wrote the story S/B the girl who wrote the story
-The children that sang the song S/B the children who sang the song
-Me and him talked all night S/B he and I talked all night
-It’s me S/B It is I

- Her and him are going out together S/B She and he are going out together
It is really easy to do.
We would never say 
Him is going out with her
Her is going out with him
so why then is “her and him are going out together.” 
all of a sudden seems like a proper way to speak.

And stop using the subject in the wrong place.
He sent a letter to I……. S/B he sent a letter to me

How in the world did it get this far?
Have we made it easier to malign and objectify people 
because we have subliminally objectified people with 
“that” instead of who ?

The vile which can be found on social media would it be tempered
if people saw people as “who” instead of “that” ?

And while we are at it stop putting “ at” at the end of sentences.
“Where is he?” says it all, it does not need an at “ where is he at ”