No, you are not part Cherokee. And neither is Elizabeth Warren.
Meagan Day

Such poetic justice that a white supremacist 
would think that their status is enhanced by claiming to be part Cherokee.
I have always believed that the Native culture was and still is far superior to the Western-European winner take all culture as opposed to having the Native culture which still has an environmental moral compass 
drawn from a love of the earth and all of its bounty.

As for the perilous lives which natives can be seen to live in today’s world, 
I am convinced is because they cannot tolerate the spiritually bankrupt culture we live in. It is harder on them than it is on us.
While we use drugs engage in obsessive compulsive self destructive behaviours stemming from our spiritually bankrupt society we can unfortunately still support it and derive distractions from possessions 
as if our angst were our fault and not that of the culture of consumption
which commoditizes everything including our humaneness.

While I would love to be able to claim Native heritage, because it would be a step up, I will have to settle for affinity and rapport with a whole lot of shame for the dominant culture from which my ancestors sprung.

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