5 Ways to be a Silent Trump Protestor
Patti Mulligan

Thank you for such an excellent and necessary map 
to help people lead themselves out of the maze of despair that this election has caused. I would add two more avenues which desperately need to be addressed.The Electoral College, Gerrymandering and a third avenue 
using a thousand paper cuts to chew at the foundation from the ground up.

Why are 3 states determining the next president.
105,000 votes over three states handed the presidency to Trump
Pennsylvania by 1.1 percentage points (68,236 votes), 
Wisconsin by 0.9 points (27,257 votes), 
Michigan by 0.2 points (11,837 votes).

Join the fight to democratize the Electoral College 
without having to have a constitutional amendment.
Saul Anuzis and the Reform group National popular vote
are pushing to have the States mandate 
that the Electoral college vote goes to the candidate 
who won the national popular vote.

11 states have already signed on to the compact
to change how the allocation is done.
These 11 states have 165 electoral votes
and will activate their compact when they have 270
from any combination of states.

Restoring Democracy.
The True Story Behind the Secret Plan 
to Steal America’s Democracy, a new book about REDMAP.

The Republican Party, on the heels of a sweeping loss to Barack Obama 
in 2008, hatched a scheme it called REDMAP, 
short for Redistricting Majority Project. 
It was “the most audacious political heist of modern times,” 
writes David Daley, author of Ratf**ked:

America’s most gerrymandered congressional districts

Retailers have begun ditching Ivanka’s brand 
under the growing pressure of the anti-Trump boycott.

Shoes.com, a Canadian online shoe store, 
became the first retailer to announce 
it was dropping Ivanka Trump’s shoe line last week,
after the election, in alignment with 
the GrabYourWallet campaign was launched.

Interior decor store Bellacor also reportedly dropped Ivanka products
Campaign has been gathering steam since Trump’s surprise election win

Start a similar campaign against using Trump properties.
After all they are no longer safe are they, having become targets,
of the disgruntled unhinged crowd who love making a statement
big enough to grab the news cycle.

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