How to Take the Subway
Devon Henry

What a great piece.
Well done.
Love how you exposed with humour and with just the right amount of sarcasm of “the ever-present risk of assault and our apparent responsibility to deter it.”

May I direct you to another brave woman
Kiran Gandhi the woman who ran the London Marathon while “free flowing” on her period blood running down her leg on purpose, was called disgusting and unladylike.

Shades of when a respectable married pregnant woman in the 19th century
could only go outdoors at night because the sight of a pregnant woman even if married was considered unseemly and “ unlady like”

Kiran Gandhi responded
“ I did it to raise awareness about women around the world who have no access to feminine products and to encourage women to not be ashamed of their periods.
You see, culture is happy to speak about and objectify the parts of the body
which can be sexually consumed by others,” she told PEOPLE. “But the moment we talk about something that is not for the enjoyment of others, like a period, everyone becomes deeply uncomfortable.”

And the hilarious skit by Bill Maher reading from the RNC picture book
“ The mysterious people who are not men “

And this
for men folk who love to use nature as the proof they need to act in barbarically destructive ways
against both women and nature and are clueless that nature is a matriarchy.

Baboon troop chills out after alpha males depleted

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