The Zen of Ice Cold Showers
Piotr Prosol

Yes this amazing adaptability to adjust to circumstances is why battered women keep going back to battering husbands or find a new one to batter her, and why cult leaders can get people to drink poison kool aid
( Jonestown massacre 700 people murdered ) 
because he kept practicing drinking regular kool aid
until nobody believed he would actually poison them.

Then when they saw people dying around them some had bought into the plan and willingly drank the poison and those who tried to get away were shot. That is why we will not do anything about climate change,
 because the weather — which is not the climate- comes at us in erratic ways 
( law of large numbers will explain the vast swings) sometimes wet, sometimes dry, sometimes hot sometimes cold , allowing us plenty of time to adapt without having to do anything about the cause.

We are so lucky to have this powerful mind which can make heaven out of hell, but it is also amazing at finding solutions to a man made hell and it is there we must place our best hopes for the future of all amazing minds.

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