You should be more positive
Jessica Semaan

You are 100% right. It gets tiresome when people tell you to — suck it up — buck up — pull yourself up by your bootstraps — it is like telling someone 
to put a band-aid on an arterial bleed. I can so relate, so I hope that what I learned will be helpful. It is not about being positive , it is not about being happy,it is about gratitude. It is so much easier to be grateful when you live in a developed economy. Every time I open my fridge I take a moment to be grateful to have such a device to keep my food fresh.

Every time I turn on the faucet and decide if I want cold or hot water , 
I take a moment to be grateful for having indoor plumbing, 
for the pipe makers and pipe layers who brought this magic elixir 
called H2O right to my hand.

Every time I get out of my chair and walk to another location 
I take a moment to be grateful that I am mobile , 
not tied to a wheel chair , not on crutches, not wearing leg braces, 
that I have all of my limbs and am not challenged 
by having to wear prothesis

Every time I pick up a book or open my computer 
I take a moment to be grateful for my sight.

None of this will make you feel more positive , 
none of it will make you feel happier,
but guaranteed it will sooth your soul and calm your spirit 
and you will feel more contented.

From contentment the non-agitated brain will deliver to you 
the news of what your purpose is.

A life without a purpose greater than us, 
contains a bleak landscape of bouncing 
from one meaningless task to another sucking the life out of us.

Living a life larger than ourself is where we have to aim
and we can only do that when we have calmed our agitated mind
and gratitude is our yellow brick road leading us to our purpose
to what is meaningful to us.

If you don’t go within you will go without 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have lived on the lip of insanity,
wanting to know reasons,
knocking on a door. 
It opens. 
I have been knocking from the inside. 

Frightened tenant in the
Shabby room of your inner prison
Losing the flow 
of the invitation of your life
By naming things in too small a way
To a visibility too limited

The visible is only the shore
You have been a prisoner
of a little pond
I am the ocean
and its turbulent flood
Come merge with me
leave this world of ignorance

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