Go to the Fun Countries
Ben Thomas

You can explore tin-roofed slums 
- where people have to live after you have had your fun exploring their deplorable living conditions
BUT at least you are having fun

you’ll see men in long robes and turbans and cloaks leading women in scarves or draped in black
- where the women being lead are being lead and draped in black because they are considered chattel who are kept caged in clothes or in their homes so you can always know who the daddy is, and who have less rights than the donkeys these same men also own.
BUT at least you are having fun

and start the coughing diesel engine
and have to see his children’s lives shortened because his country is too poor and or corrupt to even give a dam about pollution.
BUT at least you are having fun

and you get out and close the door and count out the local currency’s equivalent of five dollars and hand it to him.
- Five dollars which keeps him poor and needing to try and find a decent living from a different tourist who is not there to rob him.
BUT at least you are having fun

you realize you probably still paid about twice as much as the ride was worth. 
- How about finding out if your probably guess is correct or just maybe you can also decide to not haggle him to the size of a penny ride making sure he stays poor
BUT no you are here to have fun, gawk at poverity and what it does to people then go home to your comfortable clockwork country with clean streets, clean running water, houses built to code 
so you cannot live in a slum with leaky tin roofs and where women do not have to be cloaked and lead around like cattle.

BUT you are not interested in empathy or compassion — just having fun.

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