18 Reasons Why Donald Trump Is A Far Better President Than Barack Obama
Allan Ishac

Your piece was amusing but very off the point. As the Phil guy says you have to name it to claim it and the naming is not black-white 
it is man-woman/rich-poor. The most disliked, unqualified, erratic, dangerous, mentally ill* candidate ever; versus a candidate so overqualified her opponents said so and she lost. The list should have been 27 reasons Trump was elected and 9 would have been he is a man, 9 he is not a woman and 9 because he was wealthy. 
But you did hit on something important, 
there is well documented evidence that people will fight with more fervor to keep what they have over what they never had in the first place.

White lives matter — white folks, a huge proportion undereducated, 
fear that they are losing ground.

It is an irrational fear but fear does not respond to logic
and is not race based.

White men are not shy with oppressing their white women. 
There has never been a pay gap between white and black men 
doing the same job but in 2017 there is still a significant pay gap 
even when the woman is doing a superior job.

The more skilled the job the bigger the pay gap.
Chief executives, surgeons, lawyers, and personal finance advisors 
registered an astonishing gender-gap pay of 42 percent.

Size of pay gap in Trump Cabinet tripled. 
Such an advocate of women I am told.

You had the most over qualified candidate ever for president 
versus the most inexperienced unknown candidate 
with a mostly no-vote voting track record 
and she lost ( he was black but he was a man )

America is just sooooo not ready for a woman President.
After all what is more unfeminine 
than a strong take charge bossy woman.
Just ask Trump
Trump in 1994: ‘Putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing’
A softness disappeared. There was a great softness to Ivana, 
but during this period of time she became an executive not a wife,”

In 1994 a man still says….. “ putting his wife to work”
what is she a mule?

Just as the fish asks its’ mother 
what is this thing called water, 
white male privilege asks its father 
what is this thing called white male privilege.

We cannot feel what we have until we lose it. 
We cannot feel what poverty means if we never lived it.
We cannot feel the oxygen we breathe until we lose it.

White privilege does not feel like white privilege 
when you know nothing else.

Within white privilege a majority of whites are not in the 0.01% 
and end up at the bottom of the pecking order 
pecking out a living from the crumbs
trickling down from their white betters.

No one can live on a trickle of anything, 
not a trickle of water a trickle of food or a trickle of money.

Yet the oppressors from the obscenely wealthy class
would have you believe that the poor should be grateful 
for a trickle dribbled their way.

Cancer cells will live dormant in your body
until they hit critical mass and there is enough of them 
to take on an immune response, then they turn themselves on.

Oppression is the cancer. Period.
Be it oppression against blacks, or whites, or poor 
or women, or homosexuals, or Mexicans, 
or Native Americans and so on and so on and so on.

Trying to make one oppression worse than the others
would be like trying to make one cancer worse than another.

No one has ever heard the diagnoses of cancer 
and asked
“is it the good one doc”

So NO, NO , no , no and no again this is not a black-white issue.

You may dispute Clinton’s personality but her record speaks for itself 
since she graduated from University she has tirelessly 
championed for the discarded while Trump bragged 
about bankrupting his suppliers and contractors by not paying them
meanwhile SHE was vilified and demonized
and considered the worst of two evils.

So who is going to cause WWIII now ?
Einstein said” I do not know what WWIII will be fought with
But I can tell you what they’ll use in the fourth. They’ll use rocks!”

The grip of white male privilege survives 
when each oppressed group fights just for themselves.

The blinders must come off to see white-male privilege as it is
an indiscriminate oppression steam rolling over anyone
which challenges is legitimacy 
and can only be conquered when oppressed people 
stop subdividing themselves into enclaves 
of speciality boutique oppressies.

We have to see ourselves in everyone 
and every act of oppression as an act of oppression against humanity.

*35 Doctors sign letter to NY times 
saying Trump is unfit to be president
suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


Psychologist Dr John Gartner described Trump personality
as a toxic mix of narcissism, paranoia, antisocial behaviour, and sadism
and he’s surrounded by enablers and sycophants, 
who instead of trying to call him on it are fuelling the delusion.


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