For €100 monthly fee you can read for YOUR degree

How much will it cost?

€100 per month and income tax payable to Government provides you with the key

The Get-Qualified Income Tax Rebate Scheme

The Get Qualified Scheme will reimburse income tax paid by the parent/legal guardian up to 70% of expenses or €3,500 for the MQF 5 diploma and €12,500 for the MQF 6 degree.
The income tax charged for a parent/legal guardian earning an annual salary of €25,000 is €3,328.13 according to the 2018 budgetary measures ( ). The tax rebate from one year of tuition fees may be recouped in one single year’s income tax contribution.

SMIFlexiPay™ explained

70% of fees paid from above is reimbursed as an income tax rebate to the parent/legal guardian

Through the GetQualified Scheme parents/legal guardians of children that read for their degree in a private licensed institution in Malta will benefit from tax rebates of 70% of the tuition fees paid under the GetQualified scheme.
In the case of students who opt for a University of London degree, the monthly payments will be increased to €200 per month, or the parent/legal guardian may opt to pay the UOL fees from their own means, and thus keep the monthly payment at €100/month.

Stipends & Grants : Business & Finance

Total stipends and grants paid to full time students reading for a Business or Finance degree @ SMI

Stipends & Grants : Computing

Total stipends and grants paid to full time students reading for a Computing degree @ SMI

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Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is licensed by the NCFHE with license #196 ○ Address: Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, Foundation Building, Schembri Street, Hamrun HMR 1541 ○ Phone: +356 2123 5451 ○ eMail:
Saint Martin's Institute of Higher Education

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@stmartinsedu Maltese a licensed (№196) private, tertiary-level institution, offering University of London qualifications. #StartMyInspiration

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