A Mongolian student in Malta … Тавтай морил

We welcome students to consider our Islands in the Mediterranean for their University of London Degree at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, an Affiliate Institution of the University of London. Interested? Click Here

Ms Uyanga Gantulga, a graduate from the University of London and an alumnus of Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education in Malta read for her BSc (Hons) in Economics & Manageemnt led by the LSE

Why choose to study with the University of London in Malta at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education?

The very simple answer is value for money #valuED

There are three characteristics that determine the value of a degree;

  1. The reputation enjoyed by the University that is awarding the degree. The reputation is developed over many years of excellence in teaching, research and graduates’ smooth progression to the workplace and/or further studies. A number of globally recognized ranking systems exist that determine which are the best Universities for consideration.
  2. The teaching pedagogy and methodology adopted by the University. Especially at undergraduate level, academics may be to engrossed in the research and dissemination in conferences, leaving no time to mentor their undergraduate students.
  3. The adaptability of the curriculum to the future. Universities do not teach for the present but must have an eye on the future. A 17 year old man or woman embarking on an undergraduate degree has a long future to look forward to, and the degree curriculum must be designed in such a way to clear a life-long path for success at the work place.
And a very important aspect is the cost of reading for the undergraduate degree! A top class degree may be excellent on all three characteristics described above, yet be so expensive to be beyond the reach of those individuals who may make good use of such an education! Because let’s be frank, the rich will continue to enjoy their good fortune, with or without an undergraduate degree …

A good degree is known to open new avenues for individuals in the middle and lower strata of society, because it provides opportunities to get a leg up in corporate life, and start a chain reaction that will help the graduate be self sustaining and independent, and also be of direct assistance to their inner family members and community. Higher Education may revolutionize a society, building a Country’s economy and its capability to generate wealth.

The University of London at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education in Malta ticks ALL the right boxes. Interested? Click Here

The University of London through its member colleges is one of the most prestigious Universities globally

The University of London’s reputation for academic excellence builds upon the outstanding teaching and research of the Member Institutions over the decades ever since 1836 when Queen Victoria conferred upon the University its first Royal Charter. In 1858 the University received a second charter, allowing it to offer the opportunity for students (mostly military personnel) posted throughout the world, to read for University of London degrees without necessarily attending classes in London. The University of London provides its portfolio of undergraduate degrees through its Affiliate Institute in Malta, Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, a licensed higher education institution by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education. Interested? Click Here

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education evaluated to surpass expectations in student centred learning by the External Quality Assurance Audit Team of the NCFHE in its report of June 2017.

This is what the Quality Assurance Audit Report says about the Institute’s values when it comes to students’ well-being;

SMI prides itself on its personal and individualised approach. Students enjoy close interaction with all members of staff at all levels and see themselves as peers in the learning process. There is a conscious and concerted effort on the part of all lecturers to provide students with relevant and timely feedback.
The school organizes a periodic student consultation day, where each student may sit down with staff members, and discuss his or her individual performance in a structured manner, outside of the constraints of an examination.
The institution’s use of its VLE clearly enhances the learning experience, and furthermore is at a reasonably advanced level of sophistication considering the limitations of the institution in terms of size.
The institution organizes an annual careers day, which takes a ‘speed dating’ format with employers. The opportunity gives students invaluable job-interview practice, leads to some of them receiving offers and is also appreciated by employers as a unique opportunity to find qualified hires. This forms part of an overall culture at the institute of strongly encouraging students to enter the workforce, even during studies.

And this is further corroborated with the exceptional results that the Institute’s students achieve when sitting for University of London examinations. You may wish to read our story Congratulations that is presenting the 2017 attainment for Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education students as results are published!

Remember that at the end, you will graduate as a University of London graduate and the certificate will include the member college leading your degree.

Your parchment is accompanied by the Diploma Supplement, a detailed document of your achievement and an explanation of the structure of the degree and its value in effort and academic rigour.

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Career Progression is the Most Important aspect for Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education

A University must focus on the career progression potential for its graduates. Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education enjoys the very best of both worlds!

Students selecting Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education are assured of learning to a syllabus established by academics from the world famous London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the Royal Holloway, and Goldsmiths College — all three member colleges of the University of London. In addition, the Institute’s academics are connected to the needs of industry, whatever the subject studied, and the teachers at Saint Martin’s ascertain that students absorb all the competences and skills required by employers. Malta is endowed with a swathe of international companies headquartered on the Islands, and this gives the opportunity for students to attain important work experience as interns in between the academic year, and full time employment at the end of their studies. You may wish to find out more here.

An open Invitation

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education happily welcomed its first student from Mongolia, Uyanga Gantulga and wish to invite more students to take up our offer to join our programmes to read for University of London degrees at our institution. We offer you the following European Qualification Framework level 5 diplomas programmes over one academic year as follows;

Diploma in Entrepreneurship
Diploma in Finance
Diploma in Management & Leadership

Automatic Progression to the Second Year of a University of London Degree at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education

Successful completion of any of these diplomas will automatically promote a student to read a degree over two academic years of the University of London in the following fields of study;

BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance;
BSc (Hons) Banking & Finance;
BSc (Hons) Business Administration in Human Resources;
BSc (Hons) Business Administration in International Business;
BSc (Hons) Business Administration in Marketing;
BSc (Hons) Business & Management;
BSc (Hons) Economics & Management.

Entry Requirements

Students coming from Mongolia need to provide the Registrar at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education proof of their academic achievements.

The entry requirements for any of the Diploma programmes listed above are;

Certificate of Complete Secondary Education (awarded from 2005) provided 60% or above is achieved on a subject for subject basis in final year of schooling in at least 6 subjects including Mathematics;
and Students should possess a standard of English comparable to 5.0 at IELTS;
and Students must be 17 years old before December 2017.


Your tuition fees for the three years amounts to €26,000 in total or around €8,600 per year. In addition you would need €900 per month for accommodation and living expenses. The same degrees studied in London would cost a Mongolian student at least DOUBLE for the same degree.

VISA requirements

Contact the Registrar’s Office on registrar@stmartins.edu to attain the necessary assistance to successfully apply and attain your Schengen VISA. Please note that since Malta does not have an Embassy in Mongolia, Saint martin’s Institute of Higher Education staff will handle all your requirements in Malta, and you will collect your visa on the way to Malta for your studies. Please check your requirements here.


Applications may be made direct with Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education through email infodesk@stmartins.edu.

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