Best Personal Attention and No Tuition Fees for a Degree …

IMPOSSIBLE? Not with SMIFlexiPay™

We really care about you, our student, and trust that you wish to get the very best education and aim to make a good career. We offer the best attention towards your well-being because you are not #NotJustANumber at Saint Martin’s Institute. The NCFHE External Quality Assurance Audit found that the Institute exceeds every expectation in student centered education that means that you will get all the possible help to #StartMyInspiration and achieve your aspirations including financial assistance wherever this is possible and if you show you are highly motivated.

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is a private higher education institution that offers you an opportunity to read for a Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education degree at tuition fees far less than fees paid at Maltese independent secondary or sixth form schools but payable after you complete your programme of studies.

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Full Time Students

The SMIFlexiPay™Scheme works out through a special Bank of Valletta interest free fund available to Saint Martin’s Institute registered students. The fund will settle all the €15,000 tuition fees that are usually payable over three academic years whilst reading for your degree, without asking you for repayments until after you finish with your studies. In addition you will receive €10,500 (that is 70%) as tax credit out of the GetQualified scheme whilst in employment.

You will also receive stipends and maintenance grants on par with students who attend the University of Malta during your studies.

If your parents are paying for your tuition fees, or they take the SMIFlexiPay™ financial scheme under their name, they can start to benefit from the GetQualified tax rebate in their own name as soon as you qualify for the Diploma after the first year of study. For a more detailed explanation for your parents click here.

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Evening Students

In the case you are a student who opts to study whilst keeping your full time job, the SMIFlexiPay™ scheme still applies, but small monthly payments of €55 are due from the first month of your studies whilst your tuition fees for the year are settled in full through the fund. Your monthly payment will increase gradually for each year of study until completion when you will be required to make a repayment of around €275 per month, but receiving your GetQualified tax rebate simultaneously! And if you qualify from the Diploma, you will immediately start receiving your tax credits from your full time employment. For more detailed information click here.

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University of London fees

If you are reading for an University of London degree, some fees need to be paid directly to the University of London that include registration and examination fees in addition to the above tuition fees for Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education. These fees are also included in the tax rebate scheme.

Non-EU students

Non-EU students cannot participate in the SMIFlexiPay™ scheme, and need to refer to the non-EU fees that are payable each year in advance. To get to know more about international students at Saint Martin’s click here.

Next Step

Matters of finance are complex to explain in general, because you are unique in your requirements. You must therefore not allow issues of finances to keep you away from pursuing your studies, and achieving your goals in life. Whatever your aspirations, we can meet them with a programme that will enhance your future. Contact us on or give us a call on 21235451 or Click Here to make an appointment with our SMIFlexiPay™ advisor. #IChooseSMI

You may wish to complete your application form before September 20th.

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