Annual Career’s Symposium

What role does a University play in one’s life progression?

Reading for a degree at a University means that an individual wants to prepare himself or herself for a career. Today’s Universities try hard to concentrate as much knowledge and skills in three years for undergraduate study — three years of knowledge assimilation that in the old days used to take men and women a lifetime to absorb.

Some speak that a University degree is a waste of time; that the best University is life itself. Well in some exceptional cases we do find proof that an individual without reading for a degree has progressed well in life, but to be fair, the millions of graduates who have fared just as well surpasses those who opted out of education and managed to carve out a decent livelihood. A University degree provides the individual a bridge between compulsory education and a meaningful, prosperous career.

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education has grasped this concept from its very inception, and set up the annual event that is organised every last Thursday of February, in which prospective employers are invited to meet our students on a ‘speed dating’ system. The event, dubbed the career’s event, brings together some of the best companies in Malta who are keen to employ fresh graduates of the Institute as well as student interns for the summer months.

And Jeremy is now a visiting member of the lecturing staff at SMI.

Attention to detail

The National Commission for Further and Higher Education Audit Team that carried out an External Quality Assurance Audit this March 2017, had this to say about the good practice identified for student centered learning practices at the Institute; “The institution organizes an annual careers day, which takes a ‘speed dating’ format with employers. The opportunity gives students invaluable job-interview practice, leads to some of them receiving offers and is also appreciated by employers as a unique opportunity to find qualified hires. This forms part of an overall culture at the institute of strongly encouraging students to enter the workforce, even during studies.”

A student meeting a prospective employer

This system has worked so well with companies asking to be allowed to participate year in year out, mainly because they find that students and graduates are fit-for-purpose for their needs on the job. This event is open to all registered students of Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, and employers have shown interest not only in the local students, but also students who are registered to study at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education coming from Countries outside the European Union.

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education

The Institute is licensed by the NCFHE with license number 196 as a higher education institution, and is an Affiliate of the University of London. Students registered with Saint Martin’s Institute have the option to read for University of London degrees in parallel to a degree conferred by the Institute as an awarding body.

Students may read degrees in Accountancy, Banking, Business, Computing, Creative Computing, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources, Information Systems, International Business, Management and Marketing at MQF/EQF Level 6 earning a BSc (Hons) degree.

Your future starts now

No one can foretell the future.

But we can influence our future by taking the right decisions, now!

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education has been found to exceed expectation in Student Centered Learning by the NCFHE External Quality Assurance Audit Team, and this emanates from our value that you are #NotJustaNumber

Do not fear the future, fear only your inability to take a decision to make yourself better.


Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, established in 1985, is licensed by the NCFHE with license #196 ● Postal Address: Saint Martin’s Institute Foundation Building, 2, Schembri Street, Hamrun HMR 1541 ● Telephone: +356 2123 5451 ● eMail:

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