YAY! … 2018 Results are out … 78% attaining a first or second upper class

Heartfelt congratulations to ALL our students who again, made us proud. Your exceptional achievements pushes us towards the top ranks of higher education institutions in Malta. Your Success is Our Success! Thank You.
78% of Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education students have attained the highest two classifications of First and Second Upper, opening up to further studies at Postgraduate at any top-class University. No Saint Martin’s student attained the lowest class of Pass, and no one failed! #NotJustANumber

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education

Where YOU are #NotJustANumber

Saint Martin’s Institute academic staff strive hard to develop the knowledge and competences of students to maximise their abilities. The graph above highlights the results of these efforts, where the large majority of students have attained a second upper classification, with the normal distribution curve skewed towards the highest grades, tailing at the second lower and third.

The results attained by students reading for the BSc Business Administration in a total of 145 examination papers sat for in the May 2018 session. 58% of all papers sat achieved the highest two grades, First & Second Upper. This attainment reflect in the final classifications when the degree is completed.

Students reading for their University of London BSc (Hons) Business Administration degrees at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, follow a syllabus set by Royal Holloway, a member college of the University. Students sit for examination papers as set and marked by this same Lead College examination boards.

Saint Martin’s Institute is an Affiliate Teaching Institution and responsible for the preparation of students for their exams, whilst the University examination boards examine and the University of London award the final degree! #ValuED

And this is no exception … check our 2017 results!

Just two years ago, this student cohort was celebrating their achievements in the MQF Level 5 Diploma in Entrepreneurship during the Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education Graduation Ceremony.

The JAYE Start-Up Competition

A stroll down memory lane …

The Diploma in Entrepreneurship class of 2015 were the pioneers for Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education for the JAYE Start-Up Competition. The Institute went on to win the next two consecutive competitions with Intact (2017) and Celuna (2018), and the Junior Achievement European Enterprise Competition by Intact (2017)! This experience had its mark on the class of 2015 with an early understanding of the detailed studies that were to follow.

Just three years ago SMI students were learning the ropes on how to successfully set up a business and take an innovative idea to the market. These same students are now graduates and embarked on their own career! No more simulation — real life now! #StartMyInspiration

What’s next …

The University of London Graduation Ceremony at the Barbican, March 2019

The three years of focused efforts rewarded in this fantastic ceremony! 😍

Graduates from all over the world convene to the Barbican, London to celebrate their achievement in their respective degrees conferred by the University of London. #ValuED
A graduation ceremony for all International Graduates at the Barbican, London.

We wish the class of 2015 — Alexia, Aihem, Anna, Aziza, Cesko, Emily, Gabi, Jake, Judi, Julia, Lele, Lin, Luke, Mario, Mike, Rebecca D & Rebecca M, Timur, and Valentina, all the very best wishes for their careers. WELL DONE!!

Do YOU aspire to graduate from a world renowned University of London?

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Remember YOU are worth the best chances in life!

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